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January 7, 2007

1/7 - Historical Perspective - Chris Mazzella Collection

Reserve at the Soo Line ore dock in Ashland, WI probably in the mid to late 60's

Smith Thompson unloading at the Clarkson Coal dock in Ashland, WI probably in the late 50s. One of the old timber docks is in the background.

William A. Reiss departing the Soo. Date unknown.

1/7 - Owen Sound Scenes - Wayne Brown

Agawa Canyon in winter lay up.

Bow view

Saginaw arriving with a load of wheat

Close up.

1/6 - Saginaw River Visitors - Todd Shorkey

Earl W. Oglebay outbound at the Lake States Railway Bridge

Stern View

Wolverine unloading at Bay City Wirt

Another view

1/6 - Sea Eagle II arriving from Belleville for winter lay-up in Hamilton, Ontario.

Shown here outside the Burlington Bridge as the sun rises in the east and a large flock of migrating Arctic Ducks (Red Head, Golden Eye, Eider, etc) fly off. - Brian Coleman

1/5 - Historical Perspective - Marc Piche

CATALINA downbound on the St. Lawrence River off Varennes on June 25, 1983.

CEDARGLEN (1) as shown while upbound on the St. Lawrence River off Varennes on November 11, 1982.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE exiting the Seaway at Longueuil on August 22, 1977.

COASTAL CANADA taken while downbound on the St. Lawrence River off Varennes on August 3, 1986.

1/5 - Burns Harbor in her namesake port - Tom Milton

1/5 - Sarnia/Port Huron Scenes - Phil Nash

Chi-Cheemaun in Sarnia, Ontario for upgrades and lay-up.

Company logo on the Chi-Cheemaun.

Inside the lower deck of the Chi-Cheemaun.

Voyageur Pioneer meeting the upbound Edward L. Ryerson.

Passing by each other.

Edward L. Ryerson upbound at Vantage Point in the late afternoon sun.

A new feature at Vantage Point in Port Huron, a small lake for Radio Control Model Ships.

Wrong, not a lake
but an ice rink!

Voyageur Pioneer (ex. Lady Hamilton) downbound at Vantage Point on her way to Windsor, Ontario from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Algolake tied up in Sarnia, Ontario at the Government dock for winter lay-up.

Stern view of the Algolake.

Kort Nozzle on the Algolake.

Crane alongside the Algolake.

1/5 - Lay ups at Alexandria Pier in Montreal - Kent Malo

Algontario, Montrealais and Canadian Prospector



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