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January 9, 2007


1/9 - James A Hannah outbound the Rouge River approaching the Fort Bridge after fueling at Waterfront Petroleum.- Mike Nicholls

1/9 - Winter visitors in Old Port Montreal - Laurent

Top view of forwards of Canadian  Prospector, Montrealais and Algontario. Habitat '67 in background.

Topside view of all three same ships.

Stern views and closeness to viewing distance of all three.

Algontario's cabins

Distance between Canadian Prospector and Montrealais rafted together

View of Canadian Prospector's cabin from top of hangar 4.

Stern view of Thalassa Desgagnés

Stern-side view of Thalassa Desgagnés


1/9 - Goderich Lay Ups - Keith Giles

Algomarine and Peter R. CResswell

Peter R. Cresswell

1/9 - Toledo Lay Ups  Bob Vincent

American Integrity over the deck of American Mariner.

Bow section

American Mariner shot from the CSX Ship Loader

Stern view

1/8 - Adam E. Cornelius laid up in Toledo - Bob Vincent


1/8 - Peter R. Cresswell laid up in Goderich - Wayne Brown




1/8 - Saginaw unloading at Great Lakes Elevators with Agawa Canyon in for winter lay up at her stern. - Ed. Saliwonchyk


Saginaw edging past the Agawa Canyon
 and the east harbour wall.

1/8 Nanticoke wintering in Montreal - René Beauchamp


1/8 - Philip R. Clarke deliver coal to Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

At the dock.

Clarke backing out of the river.

Sunrise over Thunder Bay

1/8 - Escanaba scenes - Dick Lund

Joseph L. Block loading at the north side of the dock

Wilfred Sykes waits on the south side

Both ships at the ore loader

Another view of both ships

Close-up of Joseph L. Block

View from across the bay

Tug "Victory"

Tug "Siscowet on the grounds of Basic Marine

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