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January 20, 2007


1/20 - Ryerson's final trip of the season through Port Huron. - Alex Mager

Bow shot

Approaching Blue Water Bridge

Stern shot

Full steam ahead into Lake Huron, heading for home.


1/20 - Samuel de Champlain/barge Innovation leaving Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

1/20 -Port Huron/Sarnia Scenes - Roger LeLievre

Hollyhock returning home

Maneuvering with Algorail in the background

Sarnia Lay up fleet

Edward L. Ryerson heading for lay up

Flying the Red Wings colors to show respect for the local team, much like flying a Maple Leaf when sailing Canadian waters.

Steam salute

Out into Lake Huron

1/19 - American Century laid up in Toledo - Bob Vincent
She is tied up along CSX # 2 wall behind the American Mariner. Bow facing toward the channel.

View from the coal loader.
American Fortitude on the left.

Bow view.

Stern view

1/19 - American Century makes a rare coal delivery to Marquette earlier in January - Rod Burdick

Wide view

Stern view unloading

1/19 - Edward L. Ryerson arriving in Lorain on her last trip of the season - Jeff Mast

Thru the Berry Bridge

Steamer salute

Thru the Norfolk-Southern bridge.

At the dock.

Another bucket load.


1/19 - Ryerson leaves Lorain - Fred

Deck Crew begins returning hatch covers with the traveling bridge crane.

A rather large rubber-tired front end loader out of a rear hold.

Stern Spotter advises that the stern is almost under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge

Bow searchlight picks up a landmark -
over 700 feet to the rear.

Ryerson's bow clears the Berry Bridge. Next stop the Breakwall in the harbor and Lake Erie.

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