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January 28, 2007


1/28 - FedNav vessels in Fort Lauderdale FL - Capt. Bill Hoey

Federal Kivalina



1/27 - Halifax Scenes - Mac Mackay

Pacifico Trader

Spirit of Ontario 1

1/25 - Historical Perspectives from the Walter F. Wobser Collection - Dave Wobser

Aquarama - Toledo - 1956

Ann Arbor No.6 arriving
 in Manistique - 1954

Unloading No.6

Steamer Goodtime
(printed reversed)

Steamer Put-In-Bay

James J. Hill - Soo

J. H. Hillman, Jr. in the MacArthur Lock - 1948

Launch of the Thomas W. Lamont -
Toledo Shipbuilding - 1930

Benson Ford

Peter A. B. Widener
at the Soo Locks - 1946

Widener close up.

City of Petoskey - 1947

Vacationland - 1952

1/25 - Late Season Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Algocape downbound at Point Edward on a cold clear winter morning.

Algorail downbound

Algosoo downbound at buoys 1 & 2 in the Lake Huron cut.

American Victory downbound.

American Integrity

American Integrity making the turn at buoys 1 & 2 in the Lake Huron cut.

American Integrity heads into Lake Huron about to meet former fleetmate Earl W. Oglebay.

Earl W. Oglebay downbound in the Lake Huron cut having just met former fleetmate American Integrity.

James R. Barker making the turn at buoys 1 & 2 in the Lake Huron cut.

Edward L. Ryerson downbound above buoys 1& 2 in the Lake Huron cut

Ryerson making the turn at buoys 1& 2

Ryerson downbound at Point Edward, Ontario.

1/25 - Historical Perspective - Dick Wicklund
The sale of the Algoma tanker, Algonova for service off the Lakes this month and its renaming as Pacifico Trader, closes a long career on the Lakes. This 400-foot vessel was built in 1969 as the Texaco Chief (2), which was originally designed for Yankcanuck Steamships as a larger version of the currant Yankcanuck (2), but the order was not placed and Texaco took over the proposed ship. It would be launched as a tanker. It was sold to to Socanav in 1986 and renamed A. G. Farquharson, then sold to Algoma and renaming again in 1998. Under it three names it would be commonly seen along the St. Mary's, St. Clair, and the St. Lawrence rivers for over 38 years of useful service.

As Texaco Chief -
St. Marys River 1985
Bob Campbell photo

A. G. Farquharson -
Soo 1996
Dick Wicklund photo

Port Huron - 2006
Dick Wicklund photo

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