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February 3, 2007


2/3 - Goderich Winter Traffic - Dale Baechler

CCGS Griffon breaking ice in the inner harbour

Canadian Transport at the Sifto Salt dock

2/2 - Historical Perspectives - Lay ups during the 1977 steel strike - George Thompson

John Sherwin

James R. Barker
at the old Ashland Ore Dock.

Mesabi Miner
in Ashland

William R. Schiller and
Eugene J. Buffington

Robert C. Stanley,
Ashland and
Thomas Wilson.

John Sherwin stern,
unknown and

2/2 - Duluth Lay Up Scenes - Paul Anderson

Roger Blough at Port Terminal

Mesabi Miner at SMET

J.A.W. Iglehart at LaFarge Superior where the J. B. ford was berthed

J. B. Ford where the Sherwin laid up so long
Kaye E. Barker

John G. Munson being painted
with what looks like zinc rich primer.

Kaye E. Barker and John G. Munson at Fraser with painting tarps on Munson's stern in dry dock

Cason J. Calloway at Fraser

Stewart J Cort at Port Terminal

St. Clair at Fraser

Kaye E Barker in lay up at Fraser

Barker aft accommodations.

2/2 - Neah Bay up bound on the St. Marys River, between Neebish and St. Joseph Islands. - T. Parker

2/1 - Paul H. Townsend in earlier configurations.


In her original configuration being christened Paul H. Townsend - Marc Vander Meulen


Undergoing re-configuration in Hoboken, NJ. - 1952 - Brian Wroblewski


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