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February 22 - 25, 2007


2/25 - Welland Canal Saturday - Bill Bird

In harbor the Frontenac is just south of the Clarence Street Bridge. 

Unusual for two U-S flagged vessels to winter in the Welland Canal.Manistee at stone dock in Port Colborne having work done.

David Z Norton has unloaded her cargo of corn.  Still no sign of a name change.  Man can be seen on the ice.
Looking north from Lock 4 water is seen on the floor of the canal.  Work is also being done at the approach wall. 

Also a closeup at the base of the flight locks shows water bubbling up.

Between lock 2 and 3, a shot of a green marker lying on the bottom of the canal.

2/25- Owen Sound Saturday - Ed Saliwonchyk

Capt Henry Jackman appears ready to take off at the first sign of spring. Agawa Canyon can be seen to the left and Algosteel is out of sight in front of the Capt.

2/23 - Mystery wreck off Duluth - John Harrison

They had cut about a 4 by 4 foot hole over the wreck.

In talking to the divers, they said there was about 40 feet of probably about a 65 foot wooden boat there.

The best guess is that it was scuttled there or nearby, the area would be out of any shipping lanes. There are other wrecks known along the Park Point beach, the best known is the Essex near the Superior Entry.

2/23 - Montreal Lay-up - Laurent

The Thalassa has taken a list. 

You can see pumped water slipping from her stern deck and many company repair vehicles on the dock.

On the Stern of the Montrealais, someone has put up a sign giving walkers a bit of information about the ship.
Funnel shots of the Algontario, Montrealais and the Prospector.

2/23 Samuel Risley escorting the Algosea through the ice fields of Western Lake Erie -
Erich Zuschlag

Pictures Taken from Kingsville Ontario

2/23 Historical Perspectives Capt. R. Metz

Double lockage at the Soo Locks 1964 August Ziesing and Thomas Wilson.

Incan Superior under Duluth Aerial Bridge with 26 loaded rail cars from Thunder Bay Ont.

Edmund Fitzgerald stuck in ice along side John Dykstra Whitefish Bay 1968.

Lake Superior Sunrise from Thomas Wilson 1964

2/22 Tug Michigan & Barge Great Lakes Visit Traverse City - Brian Peterson


2/21 - Mc Asphalt 401 - John Spence - Mike Nicholls

The barge Mc Asphalt 401 pushed by the tug John Spence being towed by the tug Wyoming came up the Rouge River to the Marathon Dock. Because the Spence cannot see over the empty barge they use an assist tug and go up to the turning basin, turn around and tie up at Marathon which is East of the Fort Street Bridge.

2/20 Historic Soo Locks images from the Tom Manse collection - Roger LeLievre

Traffic jam, date unknown.

Cofferdams in place for construction of the current Poe Lock, early 1960s.

George M. Steinbrenner, late 1950s.

Leon Falk Jr., mid-1960s.

George A. Sloan,
first boat 1965.

MacArthur Lock drained for winter work, early 1960s.

Passenger boat Juniata

Down bounders circa 1900.


2/20 - CSL Tadoussac at Port Colborne, Ontario. - Bob Dowson

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