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March 6, 2007



3/6 - Mobile Bay assisting the Washington Island Ferry Arnie J. Richter thru the ice in Death's Door on Monday - Ham Rutledge


3/5 - Biscayne Bay leading the Washington Island Ferry Arnie J. Richter thru the ice in Death's Door on Sunday - Ham Rutledge


3/5 - Wintery Escanaba Scenes - Lee Rowe

Ship loader

Great Lakes Trader and
Joyce L. Van Enkevort

Joyce L. close up

Tugs Victory and Olive L Moore

3/5 Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Arthur B Homer, down bound
the lower Detroit River late 70’s

Arthur M Anderson, 1980’s

John Sherwin, down bound the lower Detroit River late 70’s

Tug Max L. at Amherstburg 1920’s

Joseph H Thompson, Paul Carnahan, and Leon Falk at Ecorse early 80’s

3/5 - Historical Perspective - Buckeye (2) and Olive L. Moore - Dick Wicklund
"The Buckeye (2) was built as the 524 foot steamer Leonard B. Miller in 1910 managed by W. C. Richardson. In 1920 this and other Richardson vessels formed the Columbia fleet of Oglebay Norton. In 1937 this boat was renamed Charles W. Galloway. It took the name Robert C. Norton (1) in 1958 when the ship was converted to a combination crane ship and self-unloader. It was renamed Buckeye (2) in 1974, retired from the fleet in 1978, and was soon bought by Upper Lakes Towing to be pushed by their tug Olive L. Moore, as a barge. The Buckeye (2) ran into the 1990's, then was replaced, and scrapped. And, yes, the Moore would later push the the steamer that was Buckeye (3), now named the barge Louise J. Kuber."

Welland Canal-1984
Tug painted red.

Olive L. Moore
Welland 1984

Pt. Edward - 1989
Tug painted white

Another view

3/5 - Bow Thruster on American Integrity (Ex-Oglebay Norton - Marc Vander Meulen

Looking down thru the access hatch

Closer view

CP blades visible

Looking up the toward the main deck


3/2 - Historical Perspective - Beechglen with a broken back at Cardinal Ont.1991 - Capt. R. Metz



3/2 - Historical Perspective - Ranger II and Ranger II - 1980 -

Ranger II

Ranger III


3/2 - USCG Mackinaw (WLBB-30) in Marinette for about two weeks conducting Icebreaking operational tests. - Dick Lund



2/28 - The MV “Onego Traveller” berthed at Montreal’s Section B3 after completing a trans-Atlantic and Gulf of St. Lawrence passage. During the latter stages of the voyage the vessel was subjected to strong northerly winds and, shipped considerable water and freezing spray. - Capt. Blake A. Nelson

View of No. 1 hatch and foredeck from amidships.

Close-up of crane jib and rigging.

There’s gold in them thar hills!

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