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March 13, 2007


3/13 - In memory of Doug Fairchild

Aboard the Huron Lady II

Port Huron Marine Mart

Port of Cleveland

3/13 - USCGC Mackinaw arrives in Sault Ste. Marie - Bonnee Srigley

3/13 - Hamilton Harbor lay ups - John van der Doe


William J. Moore being outfitted.

Tony McKay in Heddle Marine's drydock

Groupe Ocean tugs
ready for action.

3/12 - Historical Perspectives - Chris Mazzella

Courtney Burton unloading at Reiss Coal Dock July 6th 2005

A.M. Byers unloading at coal Reiss Coal Dock # 2 in Ashland, WI some in the 50's

Henry G. Dalton loading at Northwestern Ore Dock in Ashland, WI some time in the 1950's

Remains of the Northwestern Ore Dock. It's now a popular swimming spot.

3/12 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Montcliffe Hall loading at the Andersonís in Toledo - early 1980ís

Chemical Transport in the Rouge River  -early to mid 1980ís

Hallfax in the Rouge River - - late 1970ís early 1980ís

James Transport in the Welland Canal - 1970ís

Lawrencecliffe Hall down bound in the Livingston Channel at Stony Island - late 1970ís, early 1980ís


3/12 - Hamilton Harbor scenes - Eric Holmes

Algoisle tied up at Pier 25 JRI Elevators sitting low in the water after being loaded with grain in late January.

Hamilton Energy (r) tied outside of
Provmar Terminal I and II.

3/12 - Duluth Harbor lay up scenes - Andrea Asleson

Overview of the harbor

"G" tugs getting some rest.

Stewart J. Cort at St. Lawrence Cement

Aft cabins

Stew's bow thruster

Stern view showing twin screws

Roger Blough

Stern view

Blough's transverse unloading boom

Single prop with skewed blades

American Spirit

Bow view

Aft cabins

Life boat

3/12 - A winter visit to the William G. Mather - Nathan Nietering

The steamer William G. Mather at her museum dock in Cleveland viewed from the second floor of the Great Lakes Science Center.

A nice port side view of the steamer.

Another farther view from beside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame of the museum ship William G. Mather.

A close up of the starboard side of the bow and pilot house. Looking carefully, one can see "CLEVELAND-CLIFFS STEAMSHIP CO" cut into the steel right below the William G Mather name painted on the side.

A closeup of the pilot house. Note the Cleveland-Cliffs whistle light kept aglow - a rarity in today's modern era of shipping.

 View of the stern section and smokestack of the William G. Mather. Note the security camera on the top of the smokestack. The smokestack is used as a vent for the onboard heating systems and a small plume of steam was rising throughout this cold day.

A close up of the modern streamlined smokestack and horns on the Mather.

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