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March 14, 2007


3/14 - USCGC Mackinaw makes her first trip up thru the MacArthur Lock, with Biscayne Bay. (From web cams)

Corps tug removing the 'barge bridge'

Mackinaw approaching the lock.

Easing along the lock wall

Biscayne Bay follows

Both in the lock.

Leaving the lock.

Biscayne Bay leaves the lock while Mackinaw waits for the railroad bridge.
Corps tug replaces the barge bridge.

3/14 - Milwaukee USCG Station that may be a victim of demolition. - Philip J. Chiello Jr.

Derelict 1915 Milwaukee Coast Guard Station,
 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.

Close-up of porch from the North, decay is evident.

View from the south just off Brady St. pedestrian bridge.

Rear view, cupola and boat house

Cement barges Integrity (left) and Innovation in lay-up on Kinnickinnic River basin

Burns Harbor docked to the south

3/14 - Escanaba as Joe Block makes her second visit - Dick Lund

Joseph H. Thompson in lay-up on south side of ore dock.

Olive L. Moore with the stern of the tug, Victory, partially blocking the view.

Joseph L. Block entering Escanaba.

Ice being pushed up by her bow.

Close-up of the stern.

Making the turn into the ore dock.

Turned and heading for the slip.

Just about under the loader.


3/14 - Alpena passing Detroit on her first trip of the season - Angie Williams

3/14 - Alpena passing Windmill Point and heading up Lake St. Clair - Alex Mager

3/14 - Sarnia and St. Clair River scenes - Mike Nicholls

Canadian Coast Guard's Cape Discovery and Thunder Cape in Point Edward.

Cape Discovery

Thunder Cape

Chi-Cheemaun in the 
Sarnia Government Slip.

Stern view.

CSL Assiniboine and
CSL Niagara,

Fish tug Josh II


Tug Menasha.

Mississagi and Cuyahoga.

Car ferry Walpole Islander
on Walpole Island.

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