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March 20, 2007


3/20 - Tugs Vac and Seahound working with CSL Tadoussac, in the ice above Lock Seven, on Monday evening - Dave Scali

Tadoussac and Seahound

Tadoussac, Seahound and Vac

Frontenac following CSL Tadoussac

3/20 - Welland Canal the day before opening - Dave Scali

CCGC Griffon breaking ice above Lock Seven

Manistee still asleep at the Humberstone Stone Dock.


3/20 - Sturgeon Bay scenes - Boatnerd Trucker, who delivered supplies from Soo Warehouse to Sturgeon Bay.

Herbert C. Jackson getting some last minute supplies.

Edgar B. Speer

3/19 - Eastern Lake Erie scenes - Brian Wroblewski

Phillip R Clarke under repair in lay up at the Erie Ship Yard's North Slip.

Clarke's stern and the pilothouse of the J.S. St. John at the Erie Shipyard North Slip.

Steel Winds project at the former Bethlehem Steel Plant in Lackawanna. Downtown Buffalo can be seen to the left and the soon to be demolished Coke Works is on the right. These are the first 8 of what could be up to 32 windmill towers on the site as seen from Whanaka, just down the lake.

3/19 - CCGC Martha L. Black up bound, in the St. Lawrence River, near Summerstown, Ontario - Don & Sue MacLean


3/19 - Mesabi Miner unloading in Marquette - Lee Rowe


3/19 - Historical Perspective, Parker Evans, 1974-75 - Rudi Rabe

Down bound in the Eisenhower Lock

Anchor Windlass

Day Room

Wheel stand.

In the dry dock at S. Chicago November 1975 to repair stem damage after hitting the Lime Island Fuel Dock April, 1975.

Propeller and rudder.

Windlass engine.

3/19 - Lay up fleet in Sarnia - Gordy Garris

CSL Niagara and
CSL Assiniboine

Algolake's bow being painted

Algorail and CSL Niagara

Algorail and Algolake

Algosea at Shell taking on fuel

at the Government dock

Cuyahoga and Mississagi
in the North Slip

Maumee at the Cargill dock

Saginaw at the Cargill dock

CSL Niagara

CSL Niagara backing
out of the North Slip

CSL Niagara at Shell fueling

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