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March 28, 2007

3/28 - Neah Bay breaking out the Neebish Island Ferry dock and Rock Cut - Teresa Parker
Plowing thru 32" of ice.

3/28 - The day before the Soo Locks opening - Lee Rowe

The first Boatnerd of the season

Mobile Bay up bound

Roger Blough waiting to be
the first boat of the season.

3/26 - CSL Tadoussac, first boat of the season in the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

3/28 - Earl W. Oglebay fitting out in Cleveland and receiving a name change - Carrie Lanz

New name and black stack

"Oglebay" painted out

Black stack. Notice old marking for Pringle and Steinbrenner.

Bow name changed

Stern name changed

Back to back with American Courage

Deck view


3/28 - Goderich scenes - Sean Rozboril

Rt. Hon. Paul R. Martin
loading at Sifto

Canadian Navigator
mooring late at night.

3/28 - Early season traffic passing downtown Detroit - Angie Williams

Philip R. Clarke up bound

Canadian Transport sailing on a glassy Detroit River.

3/28 - Early season St. Clair River traffic - John Knecht

Algonorth up bound
at Port Huron

Under the Blue Water Bridges

Alpena up bound

Headed to her home port.

Canadian Leader up bound at Marysville

Stern view

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder up bound at Port Huron

Another view

3/28 - Milwaukee lay up scenes - David Borzymowski

Burns Harbor

Accommodations block

Samuel de Champlain/Integrity

James R. Barker

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