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March 30, 2007


3/30 - A foggy day in Port Colborne - Paul Beesley

Vac and Salvage Monarch in Port Colborne
 with Bridge 21 in the background.

Canadian Progress approaching
Bridge 21 from Lake Erie.
At times the bridge was invisible.

The David Z had left her lay up berth and was well below Ramey’s Bend waiting for downbound traffic to clear. Here the Canadian Progress passes the David Z below the Bend.

David Z in Lock 8.
There was still a fair amount
of ice in Port Colborne.

David Z clear of Lock 8 and bound for Lake Erie. The ship has yet to be repainted.

Oglebay Norton stack markings have been removed. Norton has also been painted over to rename the ship. The David Z is still US-flagged.

Manistee clear of Lock 8 and
approaching Bridge 21 in Port Colborne.

Manistee in Port Colborne harbor bound for Lake Erie. The ice was very heavy in the Lake and CCGS Samuel Risley was escorting ships just outside Port Colborne. The Atlantic Huron is at the fuel dock.

Peter R Cresswell downbound at Ramey’s Bend. Photo taken at the location of a former B&B that is now for sale.

3/30 - Cuyahoga down bound At Port Huron - Eddy Schuyler


3/30 - St. Clair River activity - John Knecht

Cuyahoga showing off her
fresh coat of paint

David Z, minus the Norton,
on her first trip up the river in 2007


3/30 - James Norris departing Hamilton lay up bound for Colborne - L. Creer


3/30 - Upper St. Clair River traffic - John Meyland

Samuel de Champlain/Innovation


David Z

Aft cabins


3/30 - The H. Lee White opened the shipping season on the Black River in Lorain, Ohio  - Jim Bobel

In bound thru the harbor

Headed up river

3/30 - Traffic passing the West Pier at the Soo - Joe Wilmes

Algoway down bound

Cason J.. Callaway


3/30 - Lee A. Tregurtha in Marquette - Rod Burdick


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