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April 3, 2007


4/3 - Reserve being escorted to Duluth, by Susan Hoey, after suffering a bearing over-heating problem. -  Franz VonRiedel

4/3 - Joyce L. Van Enkevort/Great Lakes Trader in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Unloading stone

Joyce L. close up

Auxiliary unloader??


4/3 - Algomarine down bound at Point Edward - Marc Dease


4/3 - Arthur M. Anderson loading at Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

4/3 - Olive L. Moore returns to Menominee to pick up her barge, Lewis J. Kuber - Dick Lund

Lewis J. Kuber sports a new coat of paint

A view of the stern of the Kuber

Olive L. Moore arrives

Stern view of the Moore

Side view of the Moore

The tug heads into the notch of the barge

Lewis J. Kuber/Olive L. Moore heads down the Menominee River

Nearing Menominee North Pier Lighthouse on her way for her first load of the season.

4/2 - Buffalo Waterfront scenes - Brian Wroblewski

The new wind turbines in Lackawanna with the soon to be imploded Coke Ovens at the former Bethlehem Steel Plant.

A closer view of all 8 turbines as seen from the slag flats behind the plant.

The Southern most tower looking from the same spot in a view out towards the lake.

The excavated and restored Commercial Slip with the new replica pedestrian bridge and Naval Park museum building. The stern of the Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock can be seen to the right rear, near the mouth of the slip on the Buffalo River. Work barges are still inside the slip itself while work is under way on the surrounding property. This was the site that DeWitt Clinton first mixed the water from the Atlantic Ocean into the Great Lakes at the Opening Day of the Erie Canal back in the 1800's.

4/2 - Saginaw in Owen Sound - Wayne Brown

Saginaw unloading.

City of Owen Sound flag flying-first ship of the 2007 season.

Night picture of Saginaw.

4/2 - YM Jupiter leaving Oshawa, and heading for Hamilton, after unloading Calcium - Jim Gallacher

Tug Escorte standing by as the YM Jupiter prepares to Leave.

YM Jupiter turning to leave.

Turn almost complete.

Lining up to leave.

Tug Escorte turning away after having completed her task.

A View of the Bridge and accommodations

On her way to Hamilton.


4/2 -  Stoneport visitors - Randy Martens

American Republic port view backing into Calcite Sunday morning first trip.

Earl W. stern view backing into
Stoneport on her first trip

4/2 - A new seating area with custom-made tables and chairs was installed Friday at the Vantage Point Maritime Center at Port Huron. The chair backs feature a cutout likeness of the steamer Edward L. Ryerson. - Roger LeLievre



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