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April 10, 2007


4/10 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

American Fortitude loading on the
south side of the ore dock

Kaye E Barker loading on the north side.

The Mesabi Miner backing in
past the breakwall light.

4/10 - Early season traffic passing Windmill Pointe - Alex and Max Mager

Earl W. down bound

American Integrity down bound

Walter J. McCarthy down bound

Stern view


Stern view

American Republic passing
Presque Isle

Canadian Provider

4/9 - Michipicoten down bound above Welland Lock 7 - Al Howard

4/9 - Historical Perspective - Gaelic tugs in the 1970's - Rudi Rabe

Bunkering the Adam E Cornelius at Zug Island with the MO-643 - 1976

Pushing the Barge Cortland with the Tug Kinsale Lake Erie - 1976

Donegal with the MS 74 at the salt mine in Windsor

Donegal in bound the Rouge at Jefferson with a load of rock salt

Kinsale pushing a floating drydock from Ashtabula up the St. Clair River. American Viking was towing.

Barge MS-74 stuck in the ice
off of Rouge Edison

Shannon going to the assistance of the Donegal and MS-74 stuck in the ice off of Belinger Park.

William A Whitney and Galway at the Gaelic Yard - 1976


4/9 - Earl W. down bound under the Blue Water Bridges on Easter morning - Carrie Lanz



4/9 Easter weekend ice-coated traffic down bound at Point Edward - Marc Dease

Herbert C. Jackson


Voyageur Independent

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