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April 14, 2007

4/14 - Muskegon area scenes - Mike Nicholls

U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary 44359.

Tug Captain Roy

MCM tug William C. Gaynor

Great Lakes Dock & Materials tug Fischer Hayden.

LST 393

Milwaukee Clipper

Port City Princess.

Andrie tug Robert W. Purcell

Stern view

NOAA R4105, ex-U.S. Coast Guard 41 footer

Paul H. Townsend

4/14 - Catherine Desgagnes opens the season at Marinette Fuel & Dock - Dick Lund



4/14 - A day in Sault Ste. Marie - Alex and Max Mager

Stewart J Cort entering the Poe Lock

Canadian Enterprise at Mission Point

Sugar Islander II

Michipicoten at Mission Point

Stern View

"G" tug helping salty Rebecca with Federal Welland in background

Sandviken exiting locks

American Valor at Mission Point

Stern View

Buffalo at locks

4/14 - Voyageur Independent secured at the emergency wharf above the CPR bridges at Kahnawake - Kent Malo



4/14 - Sichem Aneline aground near Montreal - Kent Malo

Developing a slight list

Tug Ocean Bravo standing by


4/14 - More Sichem Aneline aground near Montreal - Laurent

Morning view

Evening scene

4/12 - Port Huron traffic - Edward Schuyler

Algowood down bound

Pineglen up bound

Stern view

Hollyhock down bound


4/12 - Historical Perspective - John McCreery

Murray Bay at Hamilton on July 29 1984 - on her way to Stelco.

Canadian Provider at Hamilton on April 11 2007 - headed for Dofasco - same trading pattern but different fleet and steel company.

4/12 - Update on the scrapping of the L. E. Block - Bob Martel
On Monday, April 9th, a group from the Steamship William G Mather Museum went to International Marine Salvage to pick-up an aft mast to return the Mather's shortened aft mast to its prior height. While there we were able to look over the L. E. Block.

Aft deck house and hull cut away exposing what is left of the engine room.

Detail of the view of the engine room. Throttle board sans throttles.

Wood from the gutted interior of the forward deck house.

What is left of the Block awaiting the torch.

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