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April 21, 2007


4/21 - Tug Wilf Seymour pushing the barge Alouette Spirit East bound for Sept Iles in the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands. - Kent Malo

Alouette Spirit

Towing name and customer name on side of the barge.

Wilf Seymour looking over the barge.

Tug Wilf Seymour in the notch.

4/21 - Marquette Visitors - Rod Burdick

American Victory loading ore

Another loading view

Mesabi Miner departing


4/21 - Alpena headed for her home port - Ben & Chanda McClain


4/21 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

The Indiana Harbor about to make the turn into Lake Huron at buoys 1 & 2. Strong north winds over the last few days have stirred up a lot of sand as evident by the color contrast of the water.



John G. Munson downbound at buoys 1 & 2 in the Lake Huron Cut.



4/21 - Nindawayma tow ready to go - Laurent

Commodore Straits is tightly strapped to the Nindawayma's stern

Radium Yellowknife is the lead tug and has a tow line on the bow of the Nindawayma


Commodore Straits

Stern view on the combination.

Cable connections on Commodore Straits


4/21 - Montrealais and Quebecois at Dofasco Hamilton - John McCreery

Quebecois arriving

Quebecois squeezing by her fleet mate Montrealais

A very long dock

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