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April 27, 2007


4/27 - Historical; Perspectives - Side launchings at Collingwood shipyard - Lisa Pratt

B. A. Peerless - July 28, 1952

Georgian Bay - December 18, 1953




Hochlega - August 4, 1949




Imperial Leduc -
November 4, 1950


Imperial Woodbend -
December 6, 1951

4/27 - Zenith Tug sinks two Tugboats in the North Atlantic - See News for details

Charleston tug yard

Prep work on the Timothy McAllister

Removing the Dalzell's wheelhouse

Dalzell anchored on site

Dalzell going down

Dalzell,  final look

Dolphins chasing the tug on the way home.

Victor J. Altman heads home
 after a couple of days work.

Eagle and Charleston posed in Shipyard Creek

Eagle at daybreak. Almost to reef site.

Eagle leans over showing her bottom fendering for docking submarines

Eagle after all her bow tanks were intentionally flooded with pumps

Sinking bow first is rare,
despite what you see in movies.



The site bubbles for a good 15 minutes afterward as all her tanks and voids fill with water.

4-27-07 Moran Iron Works ships another load of bag houses from Port Calcite - Dennis

American Republic backs in
while the crew readies for a lift.

Airborne over the Durocher Marine barge.

Durocher Marine tug

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