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May 7, 2007


5/6 - Welland Canal traffic - Eric Holmes

The CSL Tadoussac departing Lock 1 in the Welland Canal downbound for Hamilton.

Side View.

Stern View.

The tug Mark Hannah and barge 6301 approaching Lock 1 in the Welland Canal (downbound).

Side View.

Stern View.

5/7 - Hollyhock working Aids to Navigation off the Menominee River - Dick Lund


5/7 - Traffic at Welland Canal and Hamilton Pier - Randy Martens

Kristina Theresa departing Port Colborne.

Alouette Spirit with the Wilf Seymour waiting for the Kristina Theresa to clear the bridge in Port Colborne.

Yankcanuck out of Lock four on route to Lock 3

Stern view of the Yankcanuck

Crystal Diamond down bound at the start of the Welland Canal.

Up close view of the pilot house.

Stern view of the Crystal Diamond.

Sea Eagle II pushing the St Marys Cement barge into lock 2.

Federal EMS departing Lock 1

Detailed shot of the pilot house

Stern view of the Federal EMS

Canadian Coast guard Auxiliary unit heading to the Government pier in Burlington.

CSL Niagara coming to Hamilton to go to Stelco.

Bow of the Niagara pushing a lot of water.(

Pilot house of the Niagara

Stern view of the Niagara going under the bridge

5/7 - Historical Perspective - Rudi Rabe

Brookdale down bound Lake St. Clair - 1970's

Canadian Leader in the Welland Canal - 1984

Leadale behind Peach Island - 1970's

Rogers City out bound the Rouge at Gaelicís Yard - 1970's

5/7 - Buffalo arriving in Green Bay - Scott Best

In bound Green Bay.

Wide view in bound the Fox River.

River side view heading up
the Fox River.

Stern view unloading at
the Western Lime Dock.

5/7 - Bristol Bay and her barge in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

Stern view Bristol Bay.

overall shot of the Bristol Bay in the notch of her barge at the Visiting Ship's Dock, Erie Basin.

Trailer van bolted down to the stern of the tug for her air bubbler system.

Detail of the barge's notch and the tug's bow.

Forward superstructure on the barge and part of the buoy deck.

Buoy crane

Artwork on the tug's superstructure

5/7 - Armed Forces Week opening ceremonies in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

The Color Guard while US & Canadian Sea Cadets and local VFW members man the rails of the
Navy Guided Missile Cruiser USS Little Rock and the Attack Submarine USS Croaker.

A large crowd that turned out for the event.

Color Guard during the ceremony as combat veterans look on.

5/7 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Algonorth down bound at buoys 1 and 2.

American Century

American mariner heading into Lake Huron

American Valor shows off her new paint job.

Stern view

Earl W. down bound

Herbert C. Jackson

John J. Boland down bound

Maumee up bound

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