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May 13 & 14, 2007


5/14 - Karen Andrie & her barge anchored off the Buffalo Port Terminal "B" - Brian Wroblewski



5/13 - Herbert C. Jackson arrives in Buffalo at sunset - Brian Wroblewski

5/13 - St. Marys Challenger makes a rare visit to Cleveland - Dave Scali

Stern view from across the river.

At the former LaFarge dock.

5/13 - Historical Perspective - Some old freighter photos taken by my grandfather in and around Marysville. - Rob Butler

South American - 1954

J. R. Sensibar - 1966

Stern view Sensibar

John G. Munson - 1954

Sunken Reiss freighter - 1954

Another view

5/13 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Amoco Illinois at Whiting - 1979

Peninsula at the Grand Trunk Elevator,
 Thunder Bay 1975

Florida, Missouri, Kinsale, and Shannon at the old G Tug dock at Jefferson Ave, Detroit - 1984

Bantry Bay assisting into the Rouge Shortcut

Galway Bay at Toledo getting ready to turn at Mid-States Elevator 1985

New York News at Zug Island getting ready to back into the Old Rouge - 1980ís

5/13 - Sarnia Scenes - Carrie Lanz

Wolverine tying up, taken from Earl W

The entire fleet together, Wolverine on the left, Earl W in the middle, David Z on the right.

Stern view - Wolverine on the left, Earl W in the middle, David Z on the right

Bow view - David Z on the left, Earl W in the middle, Wolverine on the right

Paul R. Tregurtha taken from Earl W

American Valor passing Sarnia

Emerging from the fog.

Stern view

5/12 - Sarnia Temporary Lay Ups  Mike Nicholls

David Z, Earl W, and Wolverine

Stern view


Stern View

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