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May 16, 2007


5/16 - Stoneport visitors - Ben & Chanda McClain

Great Lakes Trader loading

Finished loading

Backing out

Passing the Clarke

Philip R. Clarke coming in


Bow view

Tied up, ready to load

5/16 - Busy evening in Lorain - Jim Bobel

The Maumee passes under the Charles Berry Bascule Bridge after dropping off a load of stone.

The Maumee passes the Lorain Coast Guard Station in the Black River.

The Edward L. Ryerson passes the Lorain Lighthouse entering the Black River with a load of taconite for the steel mills in Lorain.

Boatnerds have their photo taken by a crew member of the Ryerson

5/16 - Algowood outbound the Rouge River as seen from United States Gypsum. - Matthew Seferian


5/16 - Calliroe Patroicolan down bound in the Welland Canal- Ian Baker

5/16 - Toledo traffic - Bob Vincent

Saginaw unloading stone

Another view

Saginaw under the coal loader

Barge A 390 and Tug Barbara Andrie


5/15 - Alpena leaving Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain



5/16 - Port Huron & Windmill Pointe traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Calumet at Vantage Point
Stern View

CCG Cape Hurd at Windmill Pointe

Lewis J Kuber at Windmill Pointe

St. Mary's Challenger approaching Windmill Pointe

Stern view

Adam E Cornelius passing the Bramble

Stern view

John G. Munson

John G Munson passing the Kuber

CSL Tadoussac at Windmill Pointe

Stern view

5/16 - Welland canal traffic - Bob Dowson

Canadian Transport coming up to Lock 1

Stern view

John D Leitch

Lowering a man over the side

5/16 - St. Marys Challenger, outbound from Charlevoix - John Nickelsen

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