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May 29, 2007


5/29 - Memorial Day at Windmill Pointe and the Detroit River - Alex and Max Mager

James R. Barker

Stern view

Peter R. Cresswell

Stern view

CSL Tadoussac

Stern view


Stern view

CSL Assiniboine

Stern view

Assiniboine passing
 American Courage

American Courage stern view

5/29 - Alpena visitors - Ben & Chanda McClain

Alpena waiting her turn under the chutes

Tug Mohawk

Tall ship Denis Sullivan

American Republic

5/29 - Pilot change in the Detroit River - Dave McElroy

Federal Yukon passing under Ambassador Bridge

Pilot boat approaching

Pilot climbing aboard

Change complete. Federal Yukon continues down river.

5/29 - American Mariner visits Lorain - Jack Tiller

Backing down river from RTI Steel after unloading.

5/29 - Detroit traffic - Mike Nicholls

Herbert C Jackson unloading in the Rouge Short Cut Canal

Stern view

St. Marys Cement backing in to the Rouge.

St. Marys Cement
Mississagi backing from Sterling Fuel to the Ojibway Salt Dock in Windsor.

Ziemia Zamojska down bound off Fort Wayne.

American Courage

American Courage being serviced by the J W Westcott II

Stern view

Tug Champion with barges D2006 and D2007 were downbound on their third trip with equipment for the Severstal Steel Mill in the Rouge River. The Champion turned below the Ambassador Bridge and tied up at Detroit Marine Terminal #2 to switch from the towline to the push. Gaelic's tug Patricia Hoey towed the barges and Champion up the Rouge River.

5/29 -  Karen Andrie and her barge A-397 in the Black Rock Canal - Brian Wroblewski, Jr.

The Black Rock Lock with the Andrie & barge still inside and just getting underway to come out.

Close up of the tug in the notch.

Detail of the pilothouse & upper house as she passes by.

The pair heading out from the Lock's lower guide wall and starting out for the Tonawanda Channel of the Niagara River.

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