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June 1 & 2, 2007


6/2 - Edward L. Ryerson in the St Clair River on a hazy Friday - Boatnerd Staff


American Victory down bound
 at Marine City

Beginning to paint the pilot house
 in her new colors.

Meeting the up bound Ryerson just below Marine City.


Passing Marine City


Looking the same as she passes St. Clair




Headed under the Blue Water Bridges at Port Huron

Photographers line the railing.

And videographers

Out into the haze over Lake Huron

6/2 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Andrie tug Rebecca Lynn
and barge A 410 up bound in the Fleming Channel.


American Fortitude up bound off Zug Island.


Federal Rideau (Hong Kong) at Detroit Marine Terminal #2.


Frontenac down bound off the Detroit Post Office.


Veerseborg (Antigua) at Detroit Marine Terminal #2..


6/1 - Edward L. Ryerson returns up bound in the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Approaching Port Robinson

Passing Port Robinson

Passing Allanburg

At Ramey's Bend

Making the wall below Lock 8

Underneath the Clarence Street Bridge in Port Colborne

Leaving the harbour with pilot boat following.
Back to the familiar waters of Lake Erie, three hours from the piers to Long Point.

6/1 - Cuyahoga unloading at Sargent Essexville - Todd Shorkey

6/1 - Photos taken enroute to the Badger BoatNerd Gathering - Joe Barr

Port City Princess in Muskegon

Paul H. Townsend

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6/1 - Ryerson in the Welland Canal - John McCreery

Ryerson in lock six at day break

About to enter lock seven

Heading toward Allanburg

Under the Allanburg bridge

Approach to Port Robinson

Heading to Port Colborne

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