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June 8 & 9, 2007


6/9 - Stoneport visitors - Ben & Chanda McClain

Kaye E. Barker loading

Bow view

Pathfinder at anchor

Wide view of Barker
6/9 - Afternoon at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Thalassa Desgagnes raised in Lock 6 awaiting traffic (and then the rains came)

Algosoo clear of Lock 2

meeting the John D Leitch between 1 and 2

JD Leitch close up

Maritime Trader leaving Lock 7

Captain Henry Jackman
making the wall above Lock 7

Algocape approaching Lock 2

Two men put on the dock as Algocape has to wait for John D Leitch to clear.

6/9 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Algonorth up bound at the RenCen.

Jade Star down bound at the
Belle Isle Coast Guard Station.

Stern view

Barge Lewis J Kuber and tug Olive L Moore unloading at the Coco Dock in Windsor.

Stern view

Close up of Olive L. Moore.

6/9 - Manistee in Holland - Kevin Hirdes



6/9 - Marquette visitors on a foggy day - Rod Burdick

American Courage at the ore dock

Herbert C. Jackson backing into the Shiras Dock

6/9 - Grande Mariner on the Great Erie Canal at lock #7 in Niskayuna New York. - Dave Feiden

6/8 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Andrie's tug Rebecca Lynn with barge A 410 unloading at Waterfront Petroleum in the Rouge River.

Federal Hudson (Honk Kong) at Detroit Marine Terminal #2.

Bow view

Hotte Marine tug Joan V and barges off of Hiram Walkers.


Julietta (Antigua) at Detroit Marine Terminal #2.

Stern view


6/8 - Historical Perspective - Ron Beaupre

The Norwegian flag steamer GUDVANG is seen passing through the Burlington Canal in 1938, arriving at Hamilton. Photos by the late Ivan S Brookes. This ship represents what became later as the standard "Laker" of WWI. The Fredrickstad type of ship were built by the hundreds throughout the Great Lakes during the Great War. This is her short history: GUDVANG, Built 1912 by Fredrikstad Mekanik, Verkstad, as steamship STALHEIM for A/S Standard (J.B.Stang), Oslo. 243' x 39'-5" x 17' 4". 1936 April : Renamed GUDVANG ; D/S A/S Gudvin (H.Gjerpen), Oslo, 1940 9th April : Secured at Göteborg, 1940 April : Handed to Nortraship, 1942 1st April : Lost in Operation Performance. Fired at and sunk by German armed trawlers, in the Skagerak. The crew were captured and sent to a German concentration camp.


6/8 - Marquette scenes - Lee Rowe

Charles M. Beeghly unloading coal

Tug BeeJay

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