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June 15, 2007


6/15 - St. Marys River traffic - Herm Klein

Edward L. Ryerson up bound at Stribling Point

ELR up at Mission Point

ELR bow

St. Clair down bound at Light 29

Algontario below Nine Mile Point

Algontario lifeboat

Maritime Trader above Light 29.

Saginaw follows John J. Boland just above the Rock Cut.

6/15 - Point Edward traffic - Marc Dease

Algontario down bound

Buffalo heading out into Lake Huron

H. Lee White down bound

Lee A. Tregurtha

Maritime Trader

St. Clair

6/15 - Pulling James Norris out of Port Weller Drydock - Alex Howard

Algonorth above Lock One.

Entering Lock one so the tow of the Norris can proceed.

Jarrett M arriving for the tow out.

Vac on hand to assist.

Out comes the James Norris.

6/15 - Gregory J. Busch and STC 2004 being unloaded in Buffalo - Brian Wroblewski

The Republic Steel Turning Basin with the Busch-STC 2004 docked and unloading windmill bases, nearly 5 miles upstream from the lake.

This is only the 3rd vessel to tie up here since basic steel making shut down in 1984.

An overall view of the entire Republic Steel site showing the large amount of windmill parts covering the property. This was once home to Buffalo's second largest integrated steel plant with a large ore dock, steel shipping dock, Blast Furnaces, Open Hearth Shops, Basic Oxygen Plant, structural mills, and a coke works.

6/15 - Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

John J Boland down bound

Stern view

Canadian Enterprise up bound

Stern view

Maritime Trader

St Clair

Stern view

Sam Laud

Sam Laud passing the Algosteel

Algosteel down bound

Party yacht Ovation passing the Algosteel

Stern view

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