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June 24, 2007


6/24 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Algolake upbound off Nicholson's

Tug Bionic and barge down bound off of Windsor.

Bionic close up

Cason J Callaway being towed by the tug Shannon...

.....passing the Rouge Short Cut Entry Buoy inbound stern first to the Carmeuse Dock in the Rouge River.

Tug Ecosse and barge downbound off of Cobo Hall.

Ecosse close up

Jade Star upbound off Fort Wayne.

Stern view

Michipicoten down bound off Fort Wayne.

Stern view

 Pride of Michigan at the Rivard Street Dock

Pride of Michigan off of the RenCen

Federal Mackinac (Liberia) arriving at the Nicholson Ecorse Dock.

"G" tug Wyoming assisting with the docking.

"G" tug Superior

Former Boblo steamer Ste. Claire
arriving from Toledo

Docked at Centennial Park

Gaelic tug William Hoey

Tug Shannon and William Hoey at the Fort Street Bridge.

Xenia (Antigua) up bound off Belanger Park.

Xenia at Nicholson's Ecorse

6/24 - H. Lee White in Bay City - Todd Shorkey

H. Lee White nearing the
Saginaw River Front Range

Another view

Arriving at Consumers Energy


6/24 - 6/24 - Mesabi Miner unloading coal in Marquette. - Lee Rowe


6/24 - Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Tug Bridget McAllister

Barge Atlantic Trader

Up bound together

John G Munson down bound

Quebecois passing the John G Munson


John B Aird

American Victory

Salty Brovig Ocean

Stern view


6/24 - Canadian Progress visits Goderich - Mark Rushton

Loading at Sifto

Departing at sunset


6/24 - American Fortitude unloads at the RTI Steel Plant In Lorain. - Jack Tiller




6/24 - Loading ore in Marquette - Rod Burdick

Kaye E. Barker

Lee A. Tregurtha


6/24 - Mississagi up bound in the Saginaw River at the Lake States Railway Bridge - Todd Shorkey



6/24 - Detroit River scenes - Mike Nicholls

Algomarine upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel in route to Ojibway Salt to load for Milwaukee.

Stern view

John J Boland down bound
 in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

The other former Boblo boat Columbia
 in Nicholson's Slip.

Buffalo's fire tug Edward M Cotter
out of the drydock, being painted.

Another view

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