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June 25, 2007

6/25 - "G" tugs at work in Lorain - Dave Scali

Illinois and Rhode Island headed up the Black River.


Rhode Island

Golden Eye being assisted down river by the pair.

Illinois stayed to help the Ryerson up to the Jonick Dock.

6/25 - Edward L. Ryerson arrives in Lorain - Jack Tiler

Passing the NS Railroad Bridge with an assist from the "G" tug Illinois on it way to the Jonick Dock

Capt. Treece in the front window

Illinois helping make the dock.

Hatch covers off ready for unload

6/25 - Traffic passing Sarnia - Wayne Brown

James R. Barker up bound

Buffalo down bound

Canadian Leader

Indiana Harbor

Morganstond II

Maritime Trader

Federal Mattawa

Edward L. Ryerson

Lettin' off a little steam

St. Clair

Great Lakes Trader

6/25 - Algorail being backed down the Cuyahoga River by the "G" tug Illinois. - Martin McGuan

Backing down the river.

Thru the Center Street swing bridge to starboard and the Veterans' Memorial Bridge above her.

Junior Boatnerd who has
not learned to appreciate a salute.

Turned around and full steam ahead for Lake Erie.

Passing the West Breakwater Light.

6/25 Detroit River scenes - Mike NIcholls

Tug Birmco at Pier 500 in Wyandotte.

Stern view

Canadian Coast Guard's Griffon at Amherstburg.

"G" tugs Wyoming and Vermont waiting to assist the American Mariner into the Rouge Short Cut.

6/25 - Point Edward Traffic  Marc Dease

Maritime Trader up bound
at Buoys 1 & 2

Federal Mattawa makes a pilot change
 as she follows Maritime Trader

James R. Barker Is third in line

American Spirit

Edward L. Ryerson headed down to Lorain

John G. Munson

St. Clair

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