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June 28, 2007


6/28 - Wednesday at the Soo- Lee Rowe

American Fortitude at Mission Point

American Fortitude passing
Algonorth below Mission Point

Algonorth at Mission Point

American Spirit at West Pier

Atlantic Erie approaching Mission Point

Tug Gregory Busch, barges, and friends

Stewart J. Cort above the Poe Lock

 S Pacific at Mission Point

6/29 Port Credit Generator Station Demolition - George Davies

6/29 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Atomic- Detroit River (tug race)

Barbara Ann - Detroit River (tug race)

B F Affleck on the St. Clair River

James Battle at Montreal 1976

Columbia on the Detroit River

Helen M McAllister and Sinmac
 at Montreal 1976

James A Hannah at the fish dock Chicago 1979

6/29 - McNally Marine Tow - Ron Beaupre
The McNally Marine tug Sandra Mary, ex Flo Cooper leads the way bringing the barge Pitts No. 1 down the St. Lawrence River past Mariatown. On the stern of the barge is Molly M I, formerly Point Vigour. Both tugs were built in 1962.

Sandra Mary

Molly M I

6/29 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce Hurd


Is she the former Varmand Wave

Stern view

John G. Munson up bound



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