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July 5, 2007


7/5 - Duluth Entry visitors - Glenn Blaszkiewicz

John J. Boland leaving Duluth

Stern view

Edward L.  Ryerson making a rare trip thru the Duluth Canal.

Stern view

7/4 - Edward L. Ryerson up bound at the Soo - Dave Wobser

Approaching Mission Point

A wave from Capt. Treece....

.....and a terrific steam salute

Stern view


7/4 Edward L. Ryerson at the Locks - Roger LeLievre

Two classic steamer sterns as ELR
passes the Valley Camp

Entering the MacArthur Lock

7/4 - Marquette activity - Lee Rowe

Charles M Beeghly offloading coal
 for the WE Power plant

Lee A Tregurtha again awaiting repairs.

Floating structure? MCM Marine workers.

Saginaw loading ore

Joyce L. Van Enkevort/Great Lakes Trader
 leaving the Lower Harbor

Another view

7/4 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Undaunted and PM 41 inbound at USCG Station Saginaw River

Undaunted close up

Stern view

Agawa Canyon down bound
 nearing Lafayette Bridge

Stern view

SL Tadoussac unloading at Essroc
 with the Undaunted going
into the Bay Agg slip

Stern view

7/4 - Seaway Shipping in the American Narrows off Wellesley Island, NY - Fritz Hager

Tanker Acquamarina up bound

Algoisle up bound

Canadian Provider down bound under the 1000 Islands Bridge

Stern view

Cuyahoga up bound light

Melissa Desgagnes up bound

Pineglen up bound

Closer view


7/4 - Marquette visitors - Dave Wobser

Joyce L. Van Enkevort/Great Lakes Trader
 unloading in the Lower Harbor

Saginaw loading a Presque Isle

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