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July 8 - 11, 2007


7/11 Stone Port - Ben & Chanda McClain  

Anderson at the dock 


Munson & Anderson

Munson approaching

Turning the corner with Anderson in the background

7/11 Hamilton- John McCreery

Provider entering the piers

Against the evening sky
Approaching fleet mate

A dramatic Dofasco Dusk


7/11 Justine A. Bell ashore at Madeline Island - Tim Eldred

7/11 Ryerson Upbound at the Soo - Jerry Masson

The tug-yacht Justine A. Bell ashore at Madeline Island the afternoon of July 10, 2007. High winds caused the boat to drag its ground tackle through the special anchorage, narrowly missing several other moored boats. High winds also caused the Madeline Island Ferry Lines to suspend operations until the winds moderate.

7/11 Steamer Denmark in a sea on Lake Superior in 1947 - Capt. R. Metz


7/10 Canadian Ranger - Charles R. Kaiser
From June 29 to July 7 the Ranger was used as a platform for fireworks for the Canada Dry Festival of Fire. The Radium Yellowknife was the tender during the event.

Stern of Canadian Ranger (used to be the stern of the Chimo)

Detail of transitional hull linking the stern section of the Chimo with the Hilda Marjanne

Detail of the transition from on board looking aft

Pilot House with Ontario Place Flag  and the Bravo Flag indicating that the vessel is taking on explosives

Radium Yellowknife tied up to the Canadian Ranger

The Empire Sandy under sail

7/10 Western Lake Ontario - John McCreery
All three of the former Misener ships were in the area on the weekend. The Birchglen arrived at Hamilton with gypsum followed into the harbour fifteen minutes later by the Spruceglen with ore for Dofasco. Meanwhile the Voyageur Independent was down bound in the canal with grain for Baie Comeau.

Birchglen entering Hamilton harbour Sunday at noon

Spruceglen arriving fifteen minutes later

Both former Miseners in the harbour
Voyageur Independent the former Saskatchewan Pioneer entering lock two

7/10 Cuyahoga Aground off Amherstburg - Dave Cozens


7/8 Marquette - Lee Rowe

Herbert C. Jackson arriving in Marquette

Passing the harbor light
Kaye E Barker loading ore on a hot and humid Saturday.

Close-up of the loading

7/8 Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick

American Courage departing the Upper Harbor

American Fortitude at the ore dock

7/8 Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Sam Laud stern   

Laud slowly moving, waiting for Innovation to pass

Innovation heading out
passing each other
Laud backing into Lafarge

7/8 Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Voyageur Pioneer on her way to Lock 2-loaded ore in Superior-headed to Quebec

CSL Assiniboine clear of Lock 7 upbound with ore from Sept Iles Quebec for Ashtabula.  

Two men put on wall as Assiniboine has to tie up for traffic.

Canadian Miner at Port Colborne under the Clarence Street bridge-loaded wheat in Thunder Bay for Port Cartier Quebec.

Miner sliding along the wall towards Lock 8.

7/8 Historical Perspective by Rudi Rabe

 Don Boone Fireman

Montrose wrecked under the Ambassador Bridge in Detroit 1962

Howard L.Shaw 1967


7/7 Mississagi starting to unload salt in Owen Sound -  Ed. Saliwonchyk



7/7 Historical Perspective by Capt. Metz


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