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July 16, 2007


7/16 - Aquarama tow at Wharf 16 in Port Colborne - Bill Bird

Entering the harbour

Approaching tie up wall

Secured at berth

Radium Yellowknife

Commodore Straits and M R Kane.

7/16 - Aquarama tow at Wharf 16 in Port Colborne - David Bull

The tow with Radium Yellowknife lead tug. On the stern is the large Commodore Straits and the smaller M. R. Kane

Close-up of Aquarama
a.k.a. Marine Star


7/15 - Marinette action - Dick Lund

Vane Bros. new tug Christiana
moved to the launch position

The tow, of six new INLS craft for the U. S. Navy,
departs Marinette Marine.

Bridget McAllister leads the tow
and the barge Atlantic Trader.

Erika Kobasic is on the stern

The tow approaches the
 Ogden Street Bridge

Approaching the  Menominee North Pier Lighthouse


7/16 - Detroit River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Philip R. Clarke
down bound
above Fighting Island North Light.

Stern view

Curtis Randolph in Nicholson's Drydock.

A closer view.

Lee A Tregurtha down bound
at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

7/16 - Toledo coal dock traffic - Bob Vincent

Sarah Spencer/Jane Ann IV unloading stone

Walter J. McCarthy Jr. coming into the coal loading machine slip

Aft cabins

Under the coal machine

Not much room

Close to the iron deck hand

Another view

Deck view of the boom
 and pilot house

7/15 - Historical Perspectives Capt. R. Metz

Yosemite loading ore - 1947
Note telescoping hatch covers and tarps.

Double lockage A. E. Nettleton astern of Denmark - 1947

Texaco Tanker Cyclo - Warrior

Denmark stuck in ice, John Gates off Starboard Quarter

Steamer Fontana loading coal in Toledo - 1947

7/15 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Canadian Explorer in the Welland Canal - 1989

Gleneagles at Port Colborne - 1977

L. E. Block up bound at the Detroit River Light - 1977

Nanticoke down bound Lake St. Clair - 1986

Silver Isle up bound in the 1000 Islands - 1983

7/15 - Herbert C. Jackson arriving in Duluth -  Glenn Blaszkiewicz


7/15 - Eleven boats in one photo taken from a Sarnia apartment - Scott W.
Clockwise, beginning at Noon - Earl W, David Z and Wolverine in the North Slip; CCGC Griffon at Government Dock; Maritime Trader at Cargill Elevator: Tug Menasha and barge at Government Dock; Duc D’Orleans and Duc D’Orleans II at bottom of photo; Kaye E. Barker up bound; USCGC Hollyhock at her base; and the Lightship Huron.

7/16 - Amherstburg Channel traffic - Dave Cozens

Lee A. Tregurtha

McKeil Marine's tug Salvor with barge Lambert Spirit


Walter J McCarthy Jr

7/16 - Manistee in Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

Manistee alongside dock

Loader in operation

On deck view aft

Builders plate


Note: Please be advised that due to the large volume of photos being submitted for inclusion in this gallery and the time constraints involved in handling each submission, only selected photos will be used.  This page will continue to generally be used only for photos related to recent news or port/area reports and will only be released as time permits. Please visit the Public Gallery to upload and share your own photos.

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