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July 27, 2007

7/27 - Ships at Hamilton - John McCreery

Algosoo departing after delivering coal from Sandusky

Stern view

Canadian Leader with ore from Port Cartier

Stern view

7/27 - Port Huron traffic - Bruce Hurd

Wertz Warriors who ride personal watercraft from Mackinac to St Clair Shores to raise money for the Special Olympics.

St Marys Challenger



Under the Bluewater Bridges

7/27 - Traffic passing Vantage Point - Frank Frisk

Reserve on what may be
her last powered trip
past Port Huron

Close up

St. Marys Challenger down bound

Bow profile

Another view

7/27 - IV Dredge & hopper barges - Ron Beaupre
The dredge IV No. 8, with self propelled hopper barges I.V. No. 11 (ex Donpaco) & I.V. No. 13 (ex Kermic), up bound at the Iroquois Lock. I.V. stands for Irenee Verreault. This outfit belongs to Dragage Verreault and was towed up the river by Radium Yellowknife.


7/27 - Historical Perspective - Fire tug William S. Grattan - Brian Wroblewski

 In Buffalo in 1901 showing the original cabin structure that was lost in the Cahill-McColl disaster.

Plan drawing of the boat in her original hull form.

The Grattan as she appeared on the day she left Buffalo Dry Dock on 11-18-30 after a complete rebuild from her 1928 accident & fire.

7/27 - Historical Perspective - Old Ship pictures from Capt R. Metz

Reiss tug Green Bay - 1947

Passenger ship Canadiana in Buffalo 1947

Passenger ship North America

Pere Marquette 22

S. B. Way up bound at the Soo - 1947

7/26 - St. Marys Challenger visits Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Challenger with Alpena in background

View from breakwall

 Heading into Lafarge

7/26 - Sunrise at Marquette's Upper Harbor - Rod Burdick

Saginaw and reflection

American Fortitude

7/26 - Detroit River scenes - Dawn C. Roberts

Federal Fuji stack

Mail Boat meeting Algomarine

Algomarine under the Ambassador Bridge

7/25 - Reserve as it was down bound past Port Huron Tuesday, on what is rumored to be its last cargo as a powered great lakes ship. - Bruce Hurd



7/25 - Wide view of the Marine Star rafted to Canadian Mariner in Trois-Rivieres. Pictures  taken from former ferry dock in Ste-Angèle de Laval across the St-Lawrence. - Yves Richard

Note that ship name and stack are now painted on Canadian Mariner.

7/24  The BBC Plata in Soo Harbour.  Bonnee Srigley


7/24 - Reserve at Calcite - Ben & Chanda McClain

Side view

Another view

Bow view

Stern view

7/24 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

H. Lee White loading as Kaye E. barker arrives.

Kaye E. Barker making the dock.

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