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July 28, 2007


7/29 - Buffalo visitor - Brian Wroblewski

The canal schooner/barge Lois McClure
7/29 - Saginaw River traffic - Todd Shorkey

Karen Andrie turning off the SEM dock

Turned and outbound

Karen Andrie close up

Tug Donald C. Hannah at the Dow Chemical dock

Close up

7/29 - Detroit & Rouge River traffic - Mike Nicholls

Barge Norman McLeod and tug Everlast loading at Marathon in the Rouge River


Enroute to Toronto with asphalt.

American Valor up bound off of Nicholson's.

Canadian Coast Guard's Cape Hurd down bound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

Frontenac down bound at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

Alpena in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Alpena heading for port

Front view

Loading under the silos.

7/29 - Scenes from the Russel Bros. Tugfest in Owen Sound - Ed. Saliwonchyk

Two of the featured Russel Brothers boats that have returned are the Still Watch and the Mink Isle. The Still Watch is the second largest vessel built by Russel Bros at 150' and was launched in 1960 as the Ville Marie, a survey ship for the Canadian Coast Guard. She is now a privately owned floating cottage. The Mink Isle returned home for her 60th birthday. The 50 footer was launched in 1947 as the Brompton Duchess and spent a large part of her working life in Thunder Bay towing log booms. She is now also a privately owned pleasure craft.

Still Watch and Mink Isle at Owen Sound's Russel Bros Tug Fest.

One of the races featured the now retired built in 1960 Canadian Coast Guard survey vessel, the Ville Marie (Still Watch) against Thunder Cape, one of the Coast Guard's newer medium endurance rescue vessels.

In a cloud of smoke, Still Watch takes an early lead but . . .

at the finish, Thunder Cape takes over to win the race.

7/29 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Cadillac down at Belle Isle - 1977

George A Sloan on the Rouge River - 1985

Irving S. Olds at Zug Island - 1978 (note damaged stern due to the Armco running into her)

J. Burton Ayers on the Rouge - 1983

Richard J Reiss Western Lake Erie - 1982

Richard J. Reiss at Toledo - 1983

Robert C Norton at Cleveland - 1977

Sachem at Whiskey Island, Cleveland - 1984

Thomas Wilson in Cleveland - 1977

7/28 - US Brig Niagara arrives in Toledo to support the SS William B. Boyer - BoatNerd News Staff
The Niagara is docked at International Park, just in front of the Boyer, for the weekend. Proceeds from tours of both vessels will go to support the Boyer.

Luedtke Dredge moves out of the channel for the weekend.

Kurt R. Luedtke does the pushing

Spectators await the arrival of the Niagara

US Brig Niagara passes thru the MLK Jr. Bridge

The replica Honor Guard from Fort Meigs awaits the brig's arrival.

Passing downtown Toledo

Making the turn to line up with the dock.

Senior Capt. Walter Rybka directs the vessel docking.

"Man the yardarms.
Furl the sails".

The very old museum brig parked in front of the old museum freighter.

Toledo Town Crier announces the Niagara's arrival.

SS Boyer Executive Director Paul LaMarre III welcomes Capt. Rybka with a pen and ink drawing done by his father, Paul LaMarre, Jr.

Toledo Mayor Carleton Finkbeiner welcomes the Niagara to town.

7/28 - Edward L. Ryerson at old Guard Gate in the  Welland Canal - David Bull



7/28 - Sarah Pierre headed to Detroit - Ron Beaupre
The workboat Sarah Pierre passed up the Seaway Friday afternoon on its way to Detroit. This vessel is another unit of Dregage Verreault.



7/28 - Cleveland and Mentor traffic - Robert Ottmers

Calumet unloading gravel in Mentor.

Stern view

Algoway being towed backward,
down the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland,
by the "G" tug Rhode Island.

Backing into the harbor

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