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August 3, 2007


8/3 - Grand Haven US Coast Guard Festival scenes - Joe Barr

The Mackinaw from the dock. This vessel is huge! Photos simply don’t indicate how big she is!

Mackinaw from Neah Bay

Mackinaw's gangway

Mackinaw’s crest

Mackinaw and Neah Bay

A sailor and a young visitor on the bridge of the Mackinaw

The view of the Neah Bay from the Skipper’s chair on the bridge of the Mackinaw.


Plank Owners Plate

View from the top deck

Stern view

Neah Bay

Stern view

Name board and decorations

The ship’s dog and handler on the Neah Bay

Builder's Plate

Neah Bay crew member showing off the ship’s wheel on the Neah Bay. The Mackinaw only has joysticks – no ship’s wheel.

8/3 - Historical Perspective - Salvage of the stern of the Sidney E. Smith - From the collection of Jon Paul Michaels  and the late Paul Michaels.

July 3, 1972


July 23, 1972

August 1, 1972

August 10, 1972

August 12, 1972

August 20, 1972

September 3, 1972

8/3 - Recent Marquette Traffic - Rod Burdick

American Mariner loading ore

Dorothy Ann/Pathfinder departing

H. Lee White loading ore

8/3 - Seaway traffic - Ron Beaupre

The tanker Liquid Beauty, formerly named Songa Pearl and later in the Seaway as Brovig Fjord, is seen passing Mariatown on her first trip after the recent renaming.

Tug Bagotville arriving at the Iroquois Lock to tie up for the night.

8/3 - Detroit River tug traffic - Mike Nicholls

Gaelic tug Caroline Hoey

Stern view

"G" tug Ohio

Stern view

8/3 - Detroit River traffic - Bruce Hurd

Adam E Cornelius upbound

Stern view

Cedarglen downbound

CSL Tadoussac upbound

Former Bob-Lo Island boat Ste. Claire waiting restoration

Diamond Queen

IV No13

Radium Yellowknife


Victoria upbound

8/3 - Maumee in Menominee - Dick Lund

Inbound Menominee River shortly after sunset

Close-up in the inner harbor

Swinging out the boom

Boom fully extended

Unloading begins

8/3 - American Republic in Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Entering the river

Stern view at sunset

Getting tied up

Unloading coal

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