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August 16, 2007


8/16 - Historical Perspective - Jon Paul Michaels
Str. Charles M. White in a storm, November 1976, off Long Point on Lake Erie, loaded with taconite from D.M.I.R. in Duluth for Bethlehem Steel in Buffalo, NY.

8/16 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

CSL Tadoussac inbound nearing Essroc

Another view

Tug Joanne just off the Burroughs dock in Zilwaukee

Another view

8/16 - Beluga Projects down bound at the Soo - Frank LaCoy


8/16 - Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick


Herbert C. Jackson loading ore

Paul R. Tregurtha departing

8/16 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

Tug Push Hog outbound the Rouge River and upbound in the Wyandotte Channel passing Mud Island.

Stern view.

BBC Elbe (Antigua) downbound at Fighting Island South Light.

Another view

Ex-Cape Transport at the General Chemical Dock with the tug Vigilant I alongside. Later the tug towed the Cape Transport upbound.

Vigilant I

Another view

8/16 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Charles M. Beeghly downbound with a load of ore for Toledo

John G. Munson downbound

Adam E. Cornelius heads into Lake Huron as the downbound Canadian Transport meets fleetmate Canadian Enterprise above buoys 1 & 2

Algosar downbound at buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut

James Norris


8/15 - Windmill Pointe / Lake St Clair Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Cuyahoga in Lake St Clair

Stern view

Canadian Enterprise leaving the Detroit River

Making her way into Lake St. Clair

American Fortitude passing Belle Isle

Stern view

Another view near Windmill Pointe

American Integrity at Windmill Pointe

Stern view

Herbert C Jackson at Windmill Pointe

Bow profile

Stern view

8/15 - Historical Perspective - Rudi Rabe

Canadian Mariner down bound Lake St. Clair - 1990

8/15 - Yacht Unity down bound on the St. Clair River at the Algonac State Park - Don Detloff




8/15 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce Hurd

Beluga Expectation


Tug Tenacious and barge

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