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August 24, 2007


8/24 - Rainy day at the Welland Canal - Bill Bird

Beluga Endurance on her way to Lock 1

Nanticoke clear of the flights....

...and stern shot going under Bridge 5

Stephen B Roman approaching Bridge 5

Sea Eagle 2 and St. Mary's Cement 2 barge heading for Lock 2

8/24 - Detroit River Scenes - Mike Nicholls

Julietta loading at the ADM Elevator in Windsor.

Stern view

Mc Keil Marine's tug Stormont on Nicholson's Drydock.

Voyageur Independent anchored in the Ojibway Anchorage.

Stern view

8/24 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce and Michael Hurd

American Century down bound under the Blue Water Bridges

Atlantic Huron up bound


Edward L. Ryerson

Wolverine back in action.

8/24 - Upper St. Clair River - John Meyland

Algoscotia at Sarnia

Canadian Provider passing Algoscotia

American Integrity applying power

Liquid Beauty and observer

8/23 - Indiana Harbor stuck in front of the break wall in Muskegon. - Amy Jo Chick


8/23 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Ron Beaupre

Magdalena Green of Rotterdam is seen passing Mariatown on her way to Oswego with a load of windmill parts.

Later that evening the passenger ship Spirit of Nantucket went down the river.

8/23 - Soo Traffic - Dave Wobser

American Mariner down bound at Mission Point

Cabin profile

St. Clair

Barge McAllister 132 and N. W. Twolan entering the MacArthur Lock.

N. W. Twolan.

Stewart J. Cort

New stack colors

Indiana Harbor

Pounding into the waves on the St. Marys River created by 25-30 mph winds.

Nindawayma at Purvis Marine

Presque Isle in Soo Harbor

Down bound H. Lee White passing Presque Isle

W. Scott Purvis and barge Tecumseh II crossing the river to the Carbide Dock to pick up a "heavy lift".

Barge against the Carbide Dock.

W. Scott Purvis

Heavy load semi backing onto the barge.

Safely aboard the barge

Algontario up bound


Alpena down bound in Soo Harbor

Lee A. Tregurtha


Algolake passing Manistee near Six Mile


H. Lee White

American Century

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