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August 25, 2007


8/25 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce Hurd

BBC Elbe

Stern view

Federal Margaree

John B. Aird

Liquid Beauty



St. Clair

8/25 - Detroit Traffic - Mike Nicholls

U.S.C.G.C. Alder upbound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.


C.C.G.S. Cape Hurd in Amherstburg.


Federal Nakagawa (Hong Kong) down bound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

Jet Express up bound in the Amherstburg Channel.

Stern view

Norman McLeod down bound in the Ballard's Reef Channel.

8/25 - Burns Harbor on a rare trip past Windmill Pointe - Alex and Max Mager

Approaching Windmill Pointe


Tall Superstructure


Approaching Belle Isle

8/25 - Historical Perspectives - Rudi Rabe

Gaelic Tugs, Gaelic Yard - 1984

Bantry Bay & Susan Hoey Gaelic Yard - 1985

Galway Bay, Toledo - 1986

Kinsale, Lake St. Clair 1982

William Hoey, New York State Barge Canal - 1988

8/24 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

Great Lakes Trader/Joyce VanEnkevort in the Upper Harbor

H. Lee White unloading stone in the Lower Harbor

Trucks hauling the stone to the mines

8/24 - Scenes from the Soo - Dave Wobser

Saginaw up bound at Mission Point

New cages and plexiglass on the east and west viewing stands

Former weather bureau station being renovated to be part of the Whitefish Point museum.

Roger Blough

Stern view

Charles M. Beeghly up bound

Stern view

St. Clair passing Roger Blough off Sherman Park above the locks.

Federal Nakagawa


Gregory J. Busch and STC-2004 with a load of wind turbine towers.

Stern view

Lee A. Tregurtha approaching the Carbide Dock

Using the bow thruster to slide her close.

Tied up

Conveyor parts going aboard

Belt take-up reel

New roll of conveyor belt

Crate going into the engine room.

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