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August 28, 2007


8/28 - Port Huron Traffic - Edward Schuyler

Edward L. Ryerson down bound

Saluting the Lightship Huron

Bow profile

Stern view heading for Lorain

Paul R. Tregurtha up bound

A wave from the pilothouse

Cabin profile

Stern view

Headed to Superior

8/28 - Edward L. Ryerson passing Paul R. Tregurtha in front of Vantage Point - Frank Frisk


8/28 - St. Lawrence River traffic passing Mariatown - Ron Beaupre

The research vessel Artic Sunrise, built in 1975 as Polarbjorn, and passing up bound at Mariatown.

Finex up bound heading for Cleveland.

8/28 - Recent Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Lee A. Tregurtha down bound

Wolverine up bound

Lee A. back up bound two days later.

8/28 - Historical Perspective - Str. Charles M. White. - Jon Paul Michaels

June, 1967

August, 1968

July, 1978

December, 1978

8/28 - Silver Bay & Two Harbors visitors - Rod Burdick

American Victory docked
in Silver Bay

Edwin H. Gott loading ore
 in Two Harbors

8/28 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Kent Malo

LS Jacoba approaching Cote Ste. Catherines Lock 2 down bound heading for New Jersey

Close up

Quebecois at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands, down bound destined for Baie Comeau.

The imposing classic  wheelhouse

Reflection in the still waters of the St Lawrence Seaway

8/28 - Mission Point Traffic - Jon Paul Michaels

Cason J. Callaway

Edward L. Ryerson


8/28 - Historical Perspective - Parker Evans - 1975 - Rudi Rabe

In the Welland Canal

Canal view from the pilothouse

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