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August 31, 2007


8/31 - Jiimaan and Saginaw in Kingsville - Eric Zuschlag

Jiimaan loading

Saginaw unloading gravel

Closer view

Bow profile

8/31 - Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager


Stern view

American Republic

Stern view

Arthur M Anderson

Bow profile

Stern view

Edward L Ryerson

Pouring on the steam


Steam Salute

Stern view

8/31 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

English River unloading at the Lafarge Springwells Dock in Detroit.

Algosea down bound under the Ambassador Bridge

Stern view

Gregory J Busch and barge downbound at Fighting Island South Light.

Stern view

8/31 - Joseph H Thompson Jr in the Rouge River - Mike Nicholls
While loading salt at the Haridon Dock in the Rouge River on August 28 the tug Joseph H Thompson Jr fueled at the Waterfron Petroleum Dock.

The tug and barge passing Waterfront.

The tug approaching the Gaelic barge Marysville at Waterfront.

Tug fueling.

Tug returning to the barge on the other side of the Fort Street Bridge.

Stern view

8/31 - Rosaire A. Desgagnes, a new China-built ship - Jacques Paul


8/30 - Marquette Scenes - Lee Rowe

LS&I Dock viewed from the water

Former, and abandoned,
Soo Line ore dock

Lee A. Tregurtha loading at the LS&I Dock

8/29 - Arthur M. Anderson in Stoneport - Ben & Chanda McClain

Anderson loading

Closer view

Half of the moon

Nigh time

Longer view

8/29 - Duluth/Superior Activity - Rod Burdick

American Spirit undergoing repairs

Canadian Progress at Midwest Energy

John D. Leitch departing

John J. Boland arriving

Presque Isle backing to the CN ore dock

Stewart J. Cort loading ore

8/29 - Arthur M. Anderson down bound at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler

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