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September 4, 2007


9/4 - Soo Traffic - Roger LeLievre

Ojibway services Cason J. Callaway


Magdalena Green

Voyageur Independent

VI's new house and motto flags

9/4 - Windmill Pointe / Lake St Clair Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

John D. Leitch


Canadian Miner

American Spirit

American Century

9/4 - Labor Day fireworks from on board the Willis B. Boyer - Luke Archer


9/4 - Edward L. Ryerson down bound at Detroit - Tim Drier



9/4 - Sandusky/Marblehead Action - Kevin Davis

Maumee at the NS Coal Dock in Sandusky

Bow view

Pumping ballast

Loading coal

Michipicoten loading at LaFarge - Marblehead

9/4 - Ypermachos passing Port Huron - Bruce Hurd



9/4 - Straits of Mackinaw Traffic - Matt Lemon

Presque Isle battling the heavy wind and waves.

PI overtaking St. Marys Conquest

Almost past


9/3 - Canadian Ranger approaching and passing under bridge 11 Allanburg - Al Howard


9/3 - Soo Traffic - Roger LeLievre

Edward L. Ryerson down bound

Charles M. Beeghly in the Poe Lock behind the Ryerson in the MacArthur Lock

Beeghly is first thru the Rock Cut

A bigger crowd has gathered to see the Ryerson.

The "Queen".

9/3 - Lee A. Tregurtha loading in Marquette - Lee Rowe

Bow view of the Lee A. Tregurtha at the dock

New pocket doors make for a quicker load

Wide view, shallow water levels visible

9/3 - Escanaba Scenes - Dick Lund

Joseph L. Block - Starboard side view at the loader

Port side view at the loader from across the bay.

Victory before pilothouse was raised - Jan 7, 2007

Tug, Victory, with pilothouse raised. Waiting for the Reserve?

9/3 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Agawa Canyon inbound at Cass Ave.

Stern view

Sam Laud backing into the Bay Aggregates slip

Outbound clear of the dock

Stern view

9/3 - Cote Ste. Catherines Traffic - Kent Malo

BBC Elbe up bound with windmill parts for Menominee Wisc.

CSL Laurentien down bound for Port Cartier Quebec.

Maritime Trader up bound at Cote Ste Catherines, Quebec.

Port side view

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