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September 9, 2007


9/9 - Frontenac at Lock 3 Saturday afternoon - Bill Bird

Frontenac at Lock 3-tied up and ready to be lowered (note grey primer paint on pilot house)

Lock emptied,
Frontenac ready to go

Bow clear of lock

Another view

Stern easing out of lock

Frontenac clear of lock 3 with Homer Bridge and Garden City Skyway looming ahead

 9/9 - Saturday on the Seaway in the 1000 Islands - Fritz Hager

Spruceglen up bound at dawn.

John D. Leitch downbound at sunset.

CSL Assiniboine up bound 20 minutes after the JD Leitch.

Stern view

Salty tanker Clipper Golfito up bound at sunset

Voyageur Pioneer downbound

CSL Niagara up bound above the 1000 Islands Bridge.

9/9 - Michaela McAllister /Atlantic Trader departing Menominee - Dick Lund

The Erika Kobasic heads down the Menominee River ahead of the Michaela McAllister/Atlantic Trader

Close-up of the Atlantic Trader and its load of 6 INLS craft

Close-up of the Michaela McAllister pushing the barge

Broad view of the tug and barge heading out of the inner harbor

The tug & barge heads past the lighthouse as the Erika Kobasic heads briefly back into port

9/9 - Agawa Canyon draws a crowd in Goderich after dropping the anchor on arrival Saturday. - Dale Baechler


9/9 - Detroit River Traffic - Boatnerd Staff

Herbert C. Jackson with the mailboat alongside.

St. Clair down bound at Belle Isle.

Canadian Provider up bound at Belle Isle

Passing in front of the Dossin Museum.

American Mariner seen thru the Radio Direction Finder at the Dossin.

American Mariner meets American Courage at USCG Belle Isle

American Courage


Algosteel up bound

Maintenance guy cleaning the cover on the Dossin Cam.

9/8 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

American Century arriving at Consumers Energy

Stern view

Joseph H. Thompson upbound at Veteran's Memorial Park

Tug close up

Stern view

9/8 - St. Clair River Traffic - Rob Butler

Algoisle downbound past Stag Island.

The John D. Leitch downbound past Stag Island in the St. Clair River.

Sunrise through the wheelhouse of the John D. Leitch

The Algoscotia upbound on the St. Clair River early in the morning.

Woody upbound past Stag Island.

The Birchglen passing the upbound Sabina.

Bow close up of the Birchglen.

Stern close up against the early morning sky.

Federal Shimanto downbound.

Wheelhouse of the Sam Laud early in the morning.

9/8 - Marquette visitors - Lee Rowe

Kaye E Barker at the dock

Workers doing repairs to the underside of the trestle approach.

Charles M Beeghly arrives in the harbor

Beeghly approaching the dock

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