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September 11, 2007


9/11 - American Integrity stuck on sandbar at the entrance to Muskegon Harbor. Pictures from the Muskegon web cam.

Trying to back with the boom swung out.

Backing to port as Samuel de Champlain passes.

Backing with boom back mid-ships.

American Integrity free as Champlain  approaches.

Champlain enters.

Integrity facing south.

Integrity facing north.

9/11 - St. Marys Challenger in Milwaukee - John Monefeldt


9/10 - Lower Lakes day on the Cuyahoga River - Martin McGuan

The Manistee loaded with salt now leaving the old river channel as seen from the Main Avenue Bridge. Note Cargill Salt's covered hopper cars in the background.

The G-Tug Rhode Island waits for the "Iron Curtain" lift bridge so it can meet the waiting Mississagi.

The Manistee seen heading under the Iron Curtain on its way out to Lake Erie. The tall building in the background is Cleveland's "Terminal Tower," currently receiving a facelift.

Bow profile of the two shipping sisters. The Mississagi would then be towed backward to the Cargill Salt loading chute.

9/10 Algosteel loading salt in Goderich - Dale Baechler

View thru the visitors center.

Stern view


9/10 - Escanaba Scenes - Scott Best

USCG Bay-Class vessel in the Basic Marine Drydock in primer.

Olive L Moore tied up at the Ore dock for now.

Four tugs at Basic Marine yard. Second from left appears to be Basic's Marin. Can anyone identify the other three?

9/10 - St. Clair River Traffic - Bruce Hurd

Algorail up bound

Olympic Miracle down bound


Olympic Miracle stern view

9/10 - Edward L. Ryerson down bound at Port Huron - Edward Schuyler

9/10 - Port Huron Traffic - Dawn & Andrew Severson

Algorail up bound Port Huron

Canadian Transfer up bound Port Huron

The Queen down bound Port Huron

Stern view

Rebecca Lynn and Barge

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