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September 14, 2007


9/14 - Frequent Alpena visitors -
Ben & Chanda McClain

Maumee returns with a load of stone.

Innovation heading into Lafarge

Maumee backing out

9/13 - Maumee visits Alpena - Ben & Chanda McClain

Maumee approaching Alpena

In the river.

Stern view unloading coal

Backing out alongside the breakwall

9/13 - Recent Marquette Activity - Rod Burdick

American Mariner unloading stone

Kaye E. Barker loading ore

9/12 - Sarnia Traffic - John McCreery

Earl W backing out of the North Slip

Earl W headed up bound

Paul R. Tregurtha

Algosteel followed by Liquid Blue headed into Imperial Oil.

Finex and a St. Clair River sunset.

Charles M. Beeghly beating Kaye E. barker to the Black River after a race that started in Marquette.

CSL Tadoussac, Canadian Progress, Halifax and Maumee

Maumee down bound

Maumee passing American Mariner, with Liquid Blue and Algorail docked.

9/12 - Sam Laud - Ethan Brodsky
On Tuesday, Lake Superior was hit with a gale and had 15+ foot seas. Sam Laud is shown traversing the passage between Bayfield and Madeline Island, seeking shelter from the weather.


9/12 - The Mesabi Miner waited in the harbor at Marquette on Tuesday for the H Lee White to finish her load.- Lee Rowe

H. Lee White at the dock with the Mesabi Miner waiting.

Mesabi Miner waiting in the harbor.

9/12 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

American Fortitude makes the turn down bound at buoys 1 & 2 of the Lake Huron cut

Canadian Prospector downbound

Indiana Harbor downbound

9/12 - St. Clair River Traffic - Bruce Hurd

American Fortitude down bound off Vantage Point

 Clipper Golfito tied up at the Sun Oil Dock in Sarnia.

Tug Everlast pushing the barge Norman McLeod off Marysville

Maumee upbound near the Blue Water Bridges

Sarah Spencer and Jane Anne IV upbound off Vantage Point

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