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September 17, 2007


9/17 - Soo Traffic - Lee Rowe

American Victory entering the
MacArthur Lock down bound

Calliroe Petronicola

Lee A. Tregurtha up bound

9/17 - Herbert C. Jackson being towed backward down the Buffalo River after delivering grain to ADM - Brian Wroblewski

The "G" Washington bringing the Jackson stern first away from the ADM Standard Elevator.

Passing through the draw at Ohio St.

The bow coming through the draw.

The stern coming by the missile cruiser USS Little Rock.

The bow and the Marine Midland Bank Tower in Downtown Buffalo.


9/17 - John D. Leitch west bound under the Mackinaw Bridge. - Dianne Donati


9/17 - Traffic passing St. Joseph de la Rive - Gerard

c. Columbus


Maersk Penang

Port Melbourne

9/17 - Philip R. Clarke entering the Fox River at Green Bay - Scott Best



9/17 - Voyageur Pioneer up bound in the St. Mary's River, making the turn at Johnson's Point as seen from St. Joseph island. - Rosemary McLellan


9/17 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Voyageur Independent about to make the turn up bound at buoys 1 & 2

Montrealais down bound at buoys 1 & 2 having just met the Kaye E. Barker and the Voyageur Independent


American Fortitude down bound

Edward L. Ryerson

9/17 - Sarnia Traffic - Roger LeLievre

Mary E. Hannah at the Smith dock in Sarnia.

David Z. is the last of the River Class ships in Sarnia.

Salty Pochard in the Blue Water Bridge.

American Fortitude, headed to Buffalo, loaded with grain from Owen Sound.

9/17 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce Hurd

BBC Elbe upbound with wind turbine parts

Dorothy Ann and Pathfinder checked down waiting down bound traffic

Edward L Ryerson down bound

Tug Salvor and barge Lambert Spirit

Tug/barge passing tug/barge

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