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October 5, 2007


10/5 - Herbert C. Jackson loading in Marquette - Lee Rowe


10/5 - St. Lawrence River Traffic - Ron Beaupre

Odra passes upbound by Mariatown shortly after sunrise.

Turid Knutsen goes down the river shortly before sunset.

10/5 - Alpena Visitors - Ben & Chanda McClain

Cuyahoga unloading salt

Manitou tied up to and assisting Innovation

Samuel de Champlain

de Champlain stern view

McKee Sons

10/5 - Seaway Traffic - Kent Malo
Chemical tanker "Moor" up bound in the South shore canal of the St. Lawrence Seaway at Kanawake, Mohawk Territorial Lands.




10/5 - CCG Search and Rescue Vessel Cape Commodore off Cove Island near Tobermory




10/4 - American Mariner visits the Saginaw River - Todd Shorkey

In bound at Consumers Energy

Another view

Stern view nearing Bay Aggregates

10/4 - St. Clair River Traffic - John Meyland

Federal Patroller leaving Lake Huron

Malcolm Marine tug Huron Lady

10/4 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Ron Beaupre

The Julietta meets Emerald Star at Mariatown

The downbound tanker hit the wall hard as she approached the lock but her ice breaking bow was not damaged.

10/4 - Alpena coming through the Walnut Street bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin right after she got a new paint job this summer. - Glenn Spevacek

10/3 - Windmill Pointe / Detroit River Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Agawa Canyon

Jane Ann IV


Walter J. McCarthy, Jr.


10/3 - Goodtime III at Nicholson's in Ecorse. - Mike Nicholls



10/3 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Peter R. Cresswell heads into Lake Huron about to meet fleetmate Algorail

Algorail down bound

Another view

Buffalo heads into Lake Huron about to meet Michipicoten down bound

Michipicoten down bound

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