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October 12, 2007

10/12 - Federal Patroller leaving the Seaway at Kahnawake - Kent Malo

Ocean Hercule under the CPR lift bridges, escorting the Federal Patroller close behind

Ocean Hercule between the CPR twin and Mercier bridges.

Ocean Hercule under the Mercier bridge, of the South shore canal at Kahnawake

Federal Patroller between the CPR twin and Mercier bridges

Ocean Jupiter with a line aboard the Federal Patroller's stern

10/12 - The new tanker Clipper Kylie of Nassau sails past Mariatown on a rainy day. She is bound for Hamilton on her first trip up the Seaway. - Ron Beaupre



10/12 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Kent Malo
In the South shore canal of the ST. Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake Mohawk Territorial Lands

Barge A-390 and tug Barbara Andrie, down bound for Montreal

Close up of the Tug Barbara Andrie

Sailing Vessel Dennis Sullivan heading for Montreal, Quebec.

Dennis Sullivan another view

BBC Elbe up bound under the CPR and Mercier bridges, heading for Marinette, Wisconsin with a load of wind turbine towers




10/12 - Fall trip to Ludington - Lisa Mager

Car ferry Badger approaching dock in the evening sun.

Rotating direction to dock.

Backed in and secured.

Morning sun shines on another Badger voyage.

10/12 - Lake Huron, St Clair River and Lake St Clair Scenes - Alex and Max Mager

Vossborg in Lake Huron

Pilot boat servicing the Vossborg

David Z and barge Sarah Spencer in lay-up at Sarnia's North Slip

Tug Mary E Hannah

Mesabi Miner at Stag Island

10/11 - Algomarine delivers salt to Hancock - Danielle Adams

Algomarine just passed Houghton Beach making its way in the canal.

Algomarine almost to the dock with the old hospital in the background.

Getting ready to unload. Still a pile of salt from Sunday evening what the Canadian Transport had unloaded.

10/11 - Point Edward/Sarnia Traffic - Marc Dease

Kaye E. Barker heads into Lake Huron

American Courage makes the turn at buoys 1 & 2

American Courage follows the Barker into Lake Huron

Voyageur Pioneer all fast at the elevator shortly after midnight awaiting cargo at Sarnia elevator

Voyageur Pioneer loading at the elevator in Sarnia

10/10 - St. Lawrence River Traffic - Kent Malo

Workboat and sounding vessel VMS Maisonneuve on her way to the high spot that is causing problems in the Seaway, seen here at Kahnawake, Mohawk territorial Lands Five Nations Reserve.

Stern view

Montrealais up bound for Hamilton, Ont.

Another view

Federal Patroller under going temporary repairs to her hull, at the emergency wharf at Kahnawake

John Spence and her barge loaded with asphalt down bound sliding by the Federal Patroller

American tour boat Grande Mariner up bound in the St Lawrence Seaway at Kahnawake



10/10 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Manistee down bound at buoys 1 & 2

Michipicoten down bound

Spruceglen making the turn down bound

Sam Laud leads fleetmate Buffalo down bound


10/10 - Lewis J. Kuber in Menominee - Dick Lund

Lewis J. Kuber/Victory head inbound past the lighthouse

Stern view from Government Pier in Marinette

Close-up of the tug, Victory, in the notch of the Lewis J. Kuber

Victory at the KK East Dock later that morning

Reserve and the tug that will eventually be paired with it, Victory, at KK

10/10 - Columbus Day in the 1000 Islands - Fritz Hager

Algoport down bound under the 1000 Islands Bridge in the morning

Atlantic Erie up bound at noon

Panoramic view approaching the 1000 Islands Bridge

CSL Assiniboine down bound in changing weather

Goviken down bound an hour after the CSL Assiniboine

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