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October 22, 2007


10/21 - Tug Kurt R. Luedtke, with a tow of two dredges and a barge, struggling upstream to make it under the Blue Water bridges. - George Gormly


10/22 - Buffalo Traffic - Brian Wroblewski

Adam E. Cornelius approaching the City Ship Canal from the Inner Harbor Turning Basin on the Buffalo River.

Overall view of the stern section as seen from the old Connecting Terminal grain elevator dock.

Stern superstructure detail

Looking up the reach of the City Ship Canal from the Turning Basin down to the Frontier Elevator crossed by the Buffalo Skyway Bridge as the Cornelius maneuvers for the dock.

The tug Shenandoah tied up at the Connecting Terminal Elevator with the Cornelius in the background.

Rebellion Tug & Barge's Shenandoah with the Buffalo skyline in the background.

10/22 - Algorail loading salt in Goderich - Wayne Brown

Loading the last 900 tons of salt.

Casting off and turning up the engines.

Away they go to Marinette.

10/22 - St. Clair River and Windmill Pointe Traffic - Alex and Max Mager

Algocape at Windmill Pointe

Herbert C Jackson

Jackson full view

Gordon C Leitch

Shining into the Detroit River

Paul R Tregurtha at Vantage Point

Algonorth in Lake St. Clair

Stern View

Canadian Ranger at Windmill Pointe

Stern view

10/22 - Whistler in the Welland Canal. - Eric Holmes

Approaching Lock 1 down bound.

Stern view entering Lock 1.

10/22 - Point Edward Traffic - Marc Dease

Cedarglen heads out into Lake Huron

Gordon C. Leitch making the turn down bound at buoys 1 & 2

Federal Pioneer down bound

Federal Weser down bound

10/22 - James R. Barker delivering coal to Marquette - Lee Rowe

Evening unload

Still at it the next morning.

10/22 - Saginaw unloading wheat from Thunder Bay in Owen Sound just after midnight - Philip de Kat




10/22 - On a fantastic fall Monday morning, the Saginaw continues unloading using the leg rather than her own boom at the Great Lakes Grain Elevators in Owen Sound while some geese move in for a closer inspection. - Ed. Saliwonchyk

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