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October 29, 2007


10/29 - Marquette traffic - Lee Rowe

H. Lee White unloading stone at Shiras Dock

White loading at the ore dock

Charles M. Beeghly unloading coal at WE Power.

10/29 - First of a series of pictures to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Mackinac Bridge. Photos from the collection of the late marine photographer, Gordon Macaulay. - Ron Beaupre

City of Petoskey

City of Munising

10/29 - Hamilton and Welland Canal traffic - John McCreery

Rt. Hon. Paul J Martin departing Hamilton

Canadian Miner approaching Lock Three

CSL Laurentien at the Glendale Bridge

Laurentien and Miner

Canadian Miner in Lock Eight Port Colborne at days end

10/29 - Adam E. Cornelius in Lackawanna - Brian Wroblewski

The Cornelius docked and unloading at the General Mills Frontier Elevator with the downtown Buffalo skyline in the background.

The reach of the City Ship Canal from General Mills up to the old Mutual Elevator.

Another view of the boat docked and unloading with the boom over the Frontier Elevator's receiving hopper.

An overview the stern superstructure on the Cornelius.

10/29 - Capt. Henry Jackson in Lock 8 the Welland Canal - Matt Lemon

In Lock 8.

Supplies being loaded on the Jackman.

Leaving Lock 8 while Anglian Lady and PML 2502 wait to lock up bound

10/29 - Magdalena Green of Rotterdam heads up the Seaway at Mariatown, with another load of windmill parts, destined for Hamilton. - Ron Beaupre


10/29 - Edwin H. Gott and Charles M. Beeghly passing at the Soo - Sheree Hoose



10/28 - Bay City dredging preparation - Todd Shorkey

Tug Kurt Luedtke and dredging equipment next to Veteran's Memorial Park in Bay City

Tug Close up

10/28 - Recent traffic around  Trois Rivières - Michel St-Denis

Barge Laviolette

Canadian Miner

Classic bow profile

Federal Rhine

Stern view

Federal Patroller


Aft cabin profile

Spring Drake


Port Mechins

Sichem Pearl

Stern view

Socol 2

Aft cabins

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