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November 28, 2007


11/28 - Recent Activity at Hamilton - John McCreery

Federal Oshima at US Steel of Canada (formerly Stelco)

Federal Saguenay arriving at the Burlington Piers

Stern view as she passes under the bridges

Rebecca at Wharf 12N

James Norris waiting out the wind in Lake Ontario

11/28 - Port Huron Traffic - Bruce Hurd

Earl W upbound

Eileen M Roehrig

11/27 - Toledo Visitors - Bob Vincent

Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin leaving Toledo

Yarmouth under ADM of Toledo

Bow view

Voyager Pioneer under Anderson "E" dock

CSL Niagara under Anderson "K" dock

11/27 - Lansdowne at Cargill Pool elevator - Rob Wolcott

Space formerly occupied by the Aquarama

Closer view

11/27 - On board the CSL Niagara up bound in the Welland Canal - Frank Frisk

View from the pilothouse

Passing the Canadian Leader

AIS Computer chart screen

11/26 - Canadian Transfer backing out of Lorain Harbor - Dave Scali

Under the Charles Berry Bridge

Moon still up in the early morning.

Sea gulls also up early.

Thru the Inner Harbor

Passing the lighthouse


11/26 - Seaway Traffic - Ron Beaupre

The Beluga Energy passed through the Iroquois Lock on her way to Duluth with windmill parts.

The tug Eileen M Roehrig up bound.

11/26 - Beluga Formation down bound at Welland Canal Lock 8 in Port Colborne - Bob Dowson


Stern view

11/26 - Menominee Traffic - Dick Lund

The Jimmy L heads out to the Dongeborg to remove the Great Lakes Pilot

The tug has just helped the Magdalena Green turn around in the bay of Green Bay

The outbound Magdalena Green passes the inbound BBC Ontario with the Jimmy L waiting

The BBC Ontario, with the Jimmy L tucked in astern, heads toward the lighthouse

Close up of the BBC Ontario inside the piers

11/26 - Hamilton & Welland Canal Traffic - John McCreery

Federal Kushiro arriving at Hamilton

Stern view of the Kushiro

Kushiro goes to anchor

Beluga Formation in Lock Seven

Laprairie encountering a stiff breeze

Stern view

Olympic Merit down bound above Lock Seven

Stern view

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