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December 1, 2007


12/1 - Toledo CSX Coal Dock action - Bob Vincent

Tug/Barge Salvo/Lambert Spirit while under the loading machine develops pump motor problems

Salvor/Lambert Spirit moving over to opposite wall so that a crane can help work on the portside pumps on the barge

Tug Salvor

Barge Lambert Spirit

Removing bad pump motor

Taking good pump motor and switching it with the bad motor

Good pump motor in place along with catwalk, just need to bolt everything down

Salvor/Lambert Spirit Stern view

Having fixed the pump problem, barge was loaded early Friday morning

Federal Seto coming in and getting assistance from Great Lakes Tug for the sail up river to the grain elevators.

12/1 - Dongeborg being lightered and arriving at Menominee - Dick Lund

A bale of wood pulp is lifted from the holds of the Dongeborg by a crane aboard the Manitowoc barge.

Close-up of the tug Jimmy L and barge Manitowoc with a load of wood pulp on its deck.

The tug Jimmy L heads out to assist the Dongeborg into port

The ship approaches the lighthouse after its long ordeal.

Close-up of the ship in the inner harbor

11/30 Manistee in the Cuyahoga River for repairs - Rex Cassidy

Opening in port side of hull with a plank up to the opening.

Close up of opening.

11/30 - Paul R. Tregurtha delivering coal to Marquette - Lee Rowe


Ice buildup on the bow

Stern view

11/30 - Algobay in long term lay-up in Toronto's Keating channel Feb. 2007 - Mark Leitch




11/29 - Toledo Traffic near the CSX Docks - Bob Vincent


Tug/barge Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 leaving Toledo

Undaunted/Pere Marquette 41 meeting Atlantic Erie in the channel

Atlantic Erie getting ready to unload ore at CSX Torco.

11/29 - Historical Perspectives - Violet Bostwick
Scenes from the Detroit River August, 1985

Consumers Power

Paul H. Carnahan

Paul H. Carnahan and George M. Humphrey

11/29 - The tug Tenacious delivering the new barge Witte 4003 down the St. Lawrence river on their way to the East Coast. - Ron Beaupre



11/29 Historical Perspective - Keewatin in Saugatuck - Marc Vander Meulen

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