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December 8, 2007


12/8 - Buffalo Scenes - Brian Wroblewski

Adam E Cornelius unloading at General Mills and waiting for the new low budget ice breaking service (foreground) that just arrived in the City Ship Canal.

The "ice breaker" working a track for a sailboat still tied up at the RCR Marina so it can be moved to the boat crane slip for hauling out ashore.

View of Lansdowne now docked at the Cargill Pool Elevator Pier on the Outer Harbor showing a slight list to Starboard.

Another view showing her slightly down by the bow.

12/8 - St. Lawrence Seaway Traffic - Ron Beaupre

The tug La Prairie passes down bound at Mariatown.

The new Dutch flag saltie OSC Vlistdiep passes upbound with a load of containers, some of which are damaged.

12/8 - Marquette Visitors - Lee Rowe

The Lee A Tregurtha took on a load of taconite in Marquette Thursday night. Multiple chutes were down.

When it's very cold the dock workers sometimes drop the ore right from the trains so the ore doesn't freeze in the pockets, which might have been the case here.

Pathfinder/Dorothy Anne at the dock

Christmas tree on the Pathfinder boom.

Algoway bow view at the dock

Stern accommodations

Wide view at the dock

12/8 - Alpena and Stoneport Traffic - Ben & Chanda McClain

Joseph H. Thompson at Stoneport

Canadian Transfer at anchor

View of both vessels

Hollyhock out in the bay

Buffalo arriving in the river

Unloading coal

Tied up Friday morning

Getting ready to depart

Backing out


12/7 - Detroit River Traffic - Mike Nicholls

American Fortitude downbound off Zug Island just before turning to unload on Zug Island.

Stern view. After unloading for two hours, she finished unloading in the old Rouge River.

American Valor downbound off Zug Island.

American Integrity unloading on Zug Island.

The bow of the American Integrity at Zug Island. They took the North shore of Lake Superior to stay out of the weather!

Stern view

12/7 - Wolverine in Marquette - Rod Burdick


12/7 - Saginaw River Traffic - Todd Shorkey

Joe Thompson, Jr. - Joseph H. Thompson down bound at Cass Avenue

Stern view

Downbound nearing Lafayette Bridge

Passing through the bridge

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